1. Does that mean the boost needs to be centralized or just close enough to the any wireless Sonos product and then they will interconnect themselves wirelessly?

  2. Fair enough. I have an eero out with out-of-the-box default settings.

  3. I noticed I had rsync enabled under file services from some time long ago when tinkering with it. I've disabled and reduced auto block to 2 attempts within 5 min.

  4. Good to hear, and that's normal if you don't have a proper security certificate for the hostname.

  5. Thank you. Good to Automatically redirect to HTTP connection for DSM desktop?

  6. The default IP range on an eero network spans from

  7. What’s that translate into for a network and mask? Trying to set up my NAS. /22?

  8. Does this happen when you just unplug your modem?

  9. It also lets people learn where your camera actually gets triggered. They should remove that light, or give an option to disable it.

  10. I'm not seeing a difference in the top left, and the bottom left.

  11. The camera is the same, just different accesories provided - buying plug in is better value, the battery is cheaper on its own than the plug in adapter.

  12. Thats not the problem. What i find annoying is, after somebody presses the bell (ring camera) the echo show not only rings but afterwards it always tells me in the alexa voice somebody is at the door (obviously somebody is at the door when the bell rings...i dont need that comment).

  13. The alarm Pro is an eero 6. If you can run Ethernet (you could use moca adapters vía coax too), then I would get other eero 6 or newer nodes but not extenders - ie they need to accept Ethernet.

  14. Ring alarm pro has dual band eero 6 router built in which likely can handle less network speeds than more modern tri bands. It will bottleneck your network as the gateway router if you want to use all the pro features (local sd card storage if also doing cloud and cellular backup for entire Wifi network). I just bought the gen2 ring alarm so they I can use a tri band Wifi 6 or 6E mesh network ( still deciding between eero pro 6 and Asus Xt8). Lazy on Amazon’s part to use a two generation old dual band router in the Alarm pro when they could have put in a tri band at that price point

  15. Agreed. I'm hoping it will work. The idea of having one less device is appealing to me right now, as my desk looks like a spaghetti factory with a work laptop, home PC, NAS, etc.

  16. Why? Ring makes dedicated glass break sensors too.

  17. Do you know how well Echo works comparatively? I could see if they were equivalent; an Echo might be better for additional functionality.

  18. Can't put cameras in the bathrooms though. So, if my water sensor indicates a water leak I can send the drones

  19. This is called focusing R&D dollars on the wrong things.

  20. https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=18021383011

  21. This functionality has not been added to Sonos Ones or Beams.

  22. Boo. I almost purchased Ring for this purpose. I have Sonos everywhere, and using it for glass break protection would be great.

  23. Eye for an eye. He just wouldn’t know the night if it were up to me.

  24. I think they want to give the defense a shot at the scene.

  25. Too MANY police is the issue. When you have a political party that literally supported and took part in an insurrection then this is what happens. They think they can do anything. They think that resorting to violence and killing your opposition is how you handle disputes. They literally run peaceful protestors over with their cars….

  26. You're welcome to your opinion. As a family impacted by wanton murder recently, I disagree. I also do not forget what happened in Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and DC, etc., and the candidate that was raising funds for bail for people that were tearing apart the fabric of society.

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