"Solar 3.0 Titan is bad"

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  1. Totally a lie. During the beta mics were always on and we spanked any camper in groups until they moved.

  2. That’s usually a test to see if you’re up for it.

  3. I downloaded it on my flip phone. It’s state of the art pixels.

  4. You reddit on 2G phone? You must he a tech wizard.

  5. Blacks Beach Trailhead is a good place.

  6. I don’t get it. Bungie nerfs the well into the ground but allow this?!?!

  7. That's not really the point, and I have gone back to do some Freeplay and it doesn't really feel much different from just going through the levels due to just how many of those Freeplay hub world areas there are. Also at least in the past these games didn't tend to be about getting through the story as quickly as possible, the main part of the game was more so meant to be the story and such, and the free play was more the icing on the cake. Saying the Freeplay is where it is at, really only serves to reinforce my thoughts about this game.

  8. What that they ripped out all the silly games from the story of the older Star Wars games and separated them into their own world? This was long overdue to happen. I like that you can’t get 100% completion after finishing the story and that you not only need to story to open everything up but it gives you more bang for your buck. If people had paid full price for just the story there would be WAY more people not happy with an old version of the game than this new one.

  9. took u the entire season to figure this out ?

  10. This is probably the stupidest reply I’ve read today. Self centered ego much? This was indeed a mechanic LONG Before the PsiOps Battleground.

  11. I ran more GM's than most last season, 57 total. And I'd prefer not to bring an Auto into any of them if necessary. I kept a subsistence/headstone Krait this season because it's awesome in non GM content, though I don't use my stasis build much right now because Void fucks. If I brought a Krait into a GM, it probably won't have headstone period.

  12. If you were to bring one in make sure it has range. DSR is perfect but if you find one with Stunning Recovery that would be the best. The Duty Bound that drops from the seasonal triumphs has it.

  13. Does the triumph drop a fixed roll? I thought it was a random roll of that weapon

  14. Not sure. I’ll have to check

  15. Hard pass on the Throne World SMG’s. The roll options and the massive damage differences for both bows are horrible. Just put all the options up for bow/Pulse/MG crafting and don’t remove any.

  16. My dad is a gynecologist...and he looks at vaginas all day long.

  17. Here’s what I did for my solo legendary campaign

  18. I posted it for others. Besides the Striga doesn’t unlock until after the first run of the campaign and is only a Deluxe Edition item.

  19. The best? Wordpress VIP, WP Engine, Pantheon. Probably not the best for your case though. I’m not a fan of GoDaddy personally but SiteGround is pretty good for general Wordpress hosting for smaller sites and they’re affordable. The three I mentioned above are for business sites

  20. That’s perfect for GM’s or activities with champions.

  21. You should go to the freezer section, stand in front for a few and then re-film. That would be beneficial scientific work done.

  22. The other half and half truth DEMOLISHES ammo. It’s almost not worth using it’s so bad.

  23. The key point is to use eager edge and swap. Using only 1-2 ammo at a time. It's not going to be as DPS friendly as lament or any of the spin to win swords

  24. Compared to the Moon sword with the same rolls, it uses a fraction of what the new swords use. The new swords are totally not worth using it in PvE.

  25. LFGing both my MMXX titles (two separate accounts) and the fun I had with people doing it.

  26. It’s not just matchmaking. Tons of uneducated new players are dumped into the PvP talent pool diluting the talent so bad that the mercy games happen all the time. Just one of the many reasons why PvP is still broken.

  27. You have to earn that 250 round MG that is essentially a sniper rifle.

  28. That’s like a school with no students - no class.

  29. I really had hoped they'd sign LvG until the Euros of 2024. If they fail to win the next few matches then he's basically gone already cause they won't make the World Cup.

  30. The team can’t do any worse than losing to Iceland twice in 2016 in the Euro qualifiers.

  31. Had a similar issue with running. It might help to close Destiny down, remove k+m then reattach. I think the game or windows fails to use the keyboard in the right way.

  32. I was thinking his hardware may be starting to fail.

  33. I’d settle for being able to see through the shield it creates.

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