Men of Reddit: What are some immediate red flags in men that women should look out for?

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  1. Yep. As if we haven’t tried all our lives to fit in and “pay attention” …

  2. This!! Despite the diagnosis my mother and other people keep repeating that “advice” as if I haven’t hated myself enough for not being able to be like everyone else

  3. Probably just trying to act like his character in Stranger Things

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  5. I searched for any combination of “woven basket” “basket small” and “woven organizer” but I couldn’t find any that are similar to this one in size or sturdiness. I am really looking for something in a very similar size that is quite soft and has handles like the baskets in the pictures.

  6. My partner does the same with TikTok and it’s frustrating cause I get the hate (and danger) around the topic, but there’s good IMO too

  7. I eat a lot of crunchy foods for stimming and it is never the healthiest kind of food :(

  8. Remember, if you can’t keep up with the colorful designs, it’s okay to make something more minimal. I personally noticed that I would use it less the more complicated the design got

  9. This is not the adhd! Like sometimes my boyfriend bumps into me and it hurts a little, but it’s never intended and it happens because he has very bad perception of the room. Hurting someone in the face has nothing to do with any of the symptoms connected to adhd at all

  10. I forget too 😭 I can’t believe that other people just live without this worry

  11. But... if it was just chocolate it'd be a hot chocolate? Right?

  12. I think my ex used to do that to me. But I am not sure, as even many months later, I still doubt myself and can't decide if I was in the wrong or him.

  13. Seriously though. I look at my small town and there are people I absolutely refuse to engage with. The dad that left his wife a week after she had surgery for brain cancer, the mom that cheated on her husband with her son’s basketball coach (and slept with some of his friends), the smae coach that used to throw basketballs at kid’s faces but he was a cop (who won state) so no one ever said anything about his behavior, oh and the dad that got a DUI with a mini van full of other people’s children. Everyone just carries on with them as if those are acceptable things to do. They are still included on every BBQ/weekend up north/group concert thing.

  14. My friend's dad did this. Her mom was KIA in Afghanistan when she was 10 and her dad announced his engagement to his SIL (wife's sister, my friend's aunt) a week after the funeral. A WEEK. Their families stopped speaking to them and my friend ran away at 14 and lived with her grandparents after that.

  15. My husband is a cat and would take great offense to this 😹 also hard pass on this vendor. Ew.

  16. Hehe my boyfriend too! And he would hate this advice too

  17. Are you by chance in Germany? I know a graduate just like this

  18. Maybe put them in nice boxes as a way to display them (and have them close) without having to look at the pieces directly?

  19. Oh I quit trying to get the baby bonus , its been almost my 4th time trying. Its literally a cash grab making you spend SP to complete tasks faster and you cant have ANYTHING else going on. I quit playing for a while so I understand your frustration

  20. I hate these parts of the game and even though I try to ignore them they still stress me out because of all of the notifications

  21. Could we talk about how it’s cut though?? Never seen that before

  22. Remember back after Jan 6 when they were making fun of her for talking about being terrified for her life even though she wasn't in the main building? Acting like she was self-centered for thinking she'd be a target, as if there aren't men writing terrifyingly violent fantasies about her on the internet all the time. I'd stumbled across a couple here on reddit in subs that are now banned, and I was genuinely scared for her watching the live broadcast on Jan 6 too. The combination of hatred and sexual desire is really really frightening, and if that crowd had gotten their hands on her...doesn't bear thinking about.

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