1. kendall’s the only sister to actually come up with unique items. like i’ve never seen a bottle like this before. it’s refreshing 🤌❤️

  2. That’s not what that TikToker girl says lol

  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/xUPGcC0R9QjyxkPnS8

  4. Right! I post the same one week ago but ok get your likes lol

  5. You forgot she also looks like Kris with a wig

  6. She probably felt more light with her body after she reduced/took them. Looks like a Colombian ant (big ass)

  7. In the picture number 4 I can see just Kylie lol

  8. 🤔I can see they did some photoshop in her nose, I mean in the whole picture but you see the most in her nose

  9. https://giphy.com/gifs/rS847PnzksyGc

  10. These girls stopped being friends 5 years ago and don't even talk about each other ya'll need to give it a rest

  11. Not to be rude or mean but I don’t care about jordyn at all lol

  12. Girl me either lmfao like everything I learn about her is against my will 😭

  13. She took her from that tik tok girl, who said Kendall is copying her 😂

  14. The first picture is kinda scary idk looks she’s a ghost

  15. Shes not even reading that page, looks like she’s just giving a little look to the book but that’s it 😭

  16. Kylie calling him: Joshi, ✨rise and shine ✨ Idk 🤔

  17. He definitely thinks love language is having tattoos about her gfs 😝

  18. Not her using three faces ago picture for her profile in eBay lol

  19. https://giphy.com/gifs/raRKRgE4mUyGdjUh7x

  20. https://giphy.com/gifs/l1Lc7nL9lcuz81Co0

  21. Pictures of “Ho2 : just add water “ we didn’t see before.

  22. Idk, i feel off about this finale. The episode of last week felt more like a season finale than this one, we’re basically back to the beginning and it looks like everyone is probably going to be back, that’s ok (I guess) I just don’t feel it right now. I’m going to be like hmmmm 🤨 next season

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