1. Hit this at like 2am right before I was gonna call it a night!!! On the first spin I got 35 quarters plus 2 more spins. 2nd spin I think it was like 70 quarters and then on the final spin I hit the 5000 quarters!!! Crazy thing is as soon as it started spinning I just had a feeling it was going to land on 5000 and had even told my wife get ready for a jackpot!!

  2. Very nice would have been better tho it was 1199$ and then you wouldn’t have to report it. What casino were you at?

  3. Vegas. I don’t really want to say exactly which casino just yet. I think there is a handful of these machines definitely a bunch of similar ones.

  4. Similar story about 500,000 Vietnam Dong note. Paid maybe about 25$ almost 10 years ago or so. I have a horrible sense of humor so I love that i can say “ Half a million dongs”. Also one of the big factors of saying screw it was, if by some sort of crazy miracle Vietnams dong value shoots up I have 500,000. Currently sitting at a value of .000043 USD each or a grand total of about 21$ USD. If each dong was worth a penny go from 20$ usd to 5000$… random ramblings hope you enjoyed it.

  5. I make more money from Rideshare. And I prefer Rideshare. I hate dealing with parking and disgruntled restaurant employees and waiting and waiting and waiting. The profits on Eats can be greater, but that means fuck all if the earnings still suck. YMMV.

  6. Mine stopped showing as well (Android user). I had to ask support how many I had and now I manually keep track.

  7. I use a iPhone but yeah just noticed it isn’t there and had to call support for a order and decided to ask. It annoys me because I have about 3 rides and almost 2 k deliveries I think but my app only shows my rides but then shows the stats for the deliveries. I’m curious what my account looks like on riders and customer app.

  8. I like picking up 99 percent of the people I pick up I understand needing a ride and the person to person interactions keep me sane.(sometimes they drive me insane but it’s usually because I’m tripping about time and expenses.) The food orders I feel like over half of the human interactions for deliveries are unpleasant to say the least ha. In the deliveries it would be nice if the customers merchants or Uber cared about your time It seems to me tho they all are consistently trying to push more on the drivers. Idk I’m rambling go make some money haha

  9. Why not blame uber or your boss if you don’t get paid well! Btw it’s you’re not your

  10. Thanks 4 de grammar lesson. Never have ever cared about you’re slash your. I guess if it really bothered someone I cared about or who paid me I would change. Did I blame anyone? Fact is life is different for everyone suck a wiener you don’t make sense.

  11. Telling someone they’re a piece of garbage is blaming them, silly. Cmon man I’m just looking out for the uneducated folk, not many people do what i do

  12. Neither car completely stopped lol. Suck a dick or keep going.

  13. When 2 dumb drivers meet it is almost beautiful. Hopefully they will marry and settle down, but god forbid they have kids lol.

  14. It is about 13 contracts at least in my area. Funny that by agreeing to the terms you agree you read and accept all this paper work and contracts. It’s is probably about 50 pages of legal jargon. The Uber agreements are straight legal ass covering and loophole jump rope….I hate people who say you know what you agreed to just quit well imo it really isn’t that simple lol.

  15. There is different levels to gambling. So much so you can almost consider yourself lucky to sit next to someone like that haha. I’m half way joking but seriously currently the avg American makes about 1 to 2 million in a life time. If you are in the top 1 percent you make the minimum of about 1 American life time earnings every year. No more slaves but you can “win” the amount one person would work for there entire life for in a game, all with your disposable income. God bless…… I’m kinda drunk don’t hate me lol…

  16. Easiest strategy is to only accept orders that are: your markets base + $8. Most markets this is $11 or $10 flat. Less orders but always hidden tips. If it’s over that amount then it may just be a trip supplement instead of hidden tip, or it may be both.

  17. 100 percent. This whole system makes little sense, but definitely worth it to wait. Uber wants to pay 3$ or less then they can wait until some dumb naive driver with a promo or guarantee get it. I see uber going in waves fucking the drivers as much as then can then standing back and throwing a million bandaid promos and guarantees to drivers. Sadly I think they try and build up a group of daft diamond drivers who rely entirely on promos tips and guarantees then make more money when they don’t make the cut lol. I’m kinda buzzed and rambling but I have absolutely no faith in this company even more so when it openly burns it’s partners/employees..

  18. Had a double or from a little Thai spot. 2 drinks like this. I ask for a drink holder. Employee says can’t give cup holders unless it’s 4 drinks. I don’t really need a holder but 2 drinks with straws taped like this is dumb and basically eliminates several travel storage options lol.

  19. Who would have thought drivers like to know where they will be driving. What a crazy concept revolutionary really.

  20. “The fares you'll see won't be based on fixed time and distance rates”… Basicly summed it up just cut out one word. Lol

  21. Not sure how much this will help but I find all the information useful. Slap the address in this Clark county government map. Click on the property info []. It will tell you the price it sold for and when the last time it sold was. Also the owners name although more and more names seem to be hidden under some sort of llc or trust. What is very interesting is all the houses that were bought for like 100k or less because of the foreclosures in 2007 to about 2011…Well anyways here is the link:

  22. My last cancel (because the customer ordered to the wrong address over 1000 miles away) was freaking spicy chicken from McDonald's. I can't do spicy but i tried to eat it anyway because, ya know... free food. OMG it burrrrrrned!

  23. hot and spicy annoy the hell out of me because the always put to much mayonnaise. I always ask for none still get a offense amount of mayonnaise lol. Fucking mcdoogles I used to eat them all the time now the burn my ass lol so I avoid them hahahaha

  24. My first canceled order was a fucking filet o fish. I was starving and haven’t had McDonald’s in a while even more so a filet o fish probably haven’t tried a filet since I was like 16. Well it was horrible even worse too because it was semi cold.

  25. Wax is a waste. Come over and do a couple ripple dipples off the Ol bongo my friend.

  26. 100 percent a scam. Never use it for more then 2 weeks and if you do you better drive it all day like you stole it.

  27. Same issue here in Vegas. I even took a month off. Got promos back finally but they are like 80 for 50$. I think they pull them if you constantly drive week to week. No real logic to it I can see. What is your acceptance rate?

  28. I went to a very very small school in the middle of no where on a river.(my graduation had 50 less then 50’students that kinda small)…When I was in high school someone died every year from each class. They called it a curse of the school… freshmen year Lexi drowned, next year Allen was hit by a car, next year Hiram crashed on a dirt road, Jimmy was found out cold, dead in the valet box at a local casino. Thinking about it there is probably a couple I’m missing sadly. The after graduation a kid in the grade below me died of random heart failure. He drank a monster everyday and his ashes were even put in a monster can. They said it was a preexisting condition but the amount of energy drinks seems very coincidental. Also one of my close child hood friends jumped off a over pass the summer after graduation. Hmm great conversation haha

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