1. "Savings rates are up. At least one bright side of the Federal Reserve raising rates to fight inflation is banks are paying people more to hold their money. My credit union has a special 20-month offer on a certificate that would pay me a 3 percent annual percentage yield."

  2. So I've posted at least three articles by Flairtree "financial analysts". I think it's worth doing a deeper dive into it.

  3. Flairtree doesn't put an address or any contact info on their website.

  4. And "war" with old-school investors? How? Are short sellers "old-school investors"? I feel like they are trying to set up a apes vs boomers narrative.

  5. The articlea look the same though? At least from the snippets. Do they write an article then distribute it without a title, then the website is supposed to come up with their own? Maybe that's how they can seemingly generate a fake grassroots movement, in that seemingly disparate opinions exists to the majority of browsers who might just scan the headlines?

  6. I think your title should reflect the fact that that's what you're trying to point out (lack of qualifications), because it can come off as an attempt to dox even though it really doesn't meet that definition.

  7. I see. I'm attempting to delve into the public profiles of the financial analysts as they publish hit pieces daily, so I'm guessing sometimes some titles are better and some less desirable than others. I don't call to dox.

  8. Hence the search for a LinkedIn profile, that shows work experience. I normally don't care about Facebook, but in this case he prominently linked to it with the Facebook badge in the third image with his biography.

  9. Sure. Your post history shows post after post after post of articles critical of GME and especially articles urging to SELL GME. Very Suspect

  10. Cool. I think it's useful and hilarious to dig into the biographies of "financial analysis" writing negative articles to see how desperate our opponents are.

  11. Another Bachelor's of Business Administration. When did this become a thing? Who looks to fresh grads for business advice? I thought MBAs were primarily a networking opportunity for experienced professionals. What's a BBA?

  12. He clearly used his phone to take a selfie wearing a hoodie on his couch. Man, doesn't even have a professional looking shirt and tie portrait? You don't have to pay someone, you can still use your phone!

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