Death Diving Championship

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  1. I just finished all missions on ACE in S rank in ace combat 5

  2. They could not pay me enough to take down a wall like that.

  3. Dassault Rafale because it's peak sexyness

  4. Audi S8 is 200k plus and very understated

  5. Why were the kids there??? The risk was as high as it could possible be.

  6. Holy shit that car is insane, how fast were you going? Also left side or right side?

  7. 769, jeez I hope you don't exaggerate this stuff

  8. Holy shit I thought sweden was strong af

  9. Das mag jetzt blöd klingen, aber ich seh das Meme nun schon seit Wochen und hab KEINE Ahnung, wer der untere ist..

  10. Shift has differnet gauges for every car nithing beats those gsmes.

  11. Last 3 days I got a 4 star ticket with 10k a 6 star ticket with 500k and a 3 star ticket with 3k. All the absolute bare minimum, not even the 6 star ticket was worth it. I'm sick of the daily workout...

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