1. Frank and Louie and Paul belong in a Red Vines container.

  2. I have blue eyes and I wish I had blue eyes like Gia's lol

  3. Kim: doesn't really have a job, but also never takes a day off.

  4. Is this true? I just went to a BMR calculator site and it says mine is 1,285 calories a day. So to lose a lb a week I'd have to eat only 785 calories a day?!

  5. just backing up the other person who answered you, you do NOT use the BMR number for that, you calculate your TDEE and use that number for your maintenance, do not eat below 1200 calories a day (F) or 1500 a day (M)

  6. Thank you! That is such a big difference between those two! Omg

  7. She doesn't even need this. So uncool. So unjovani.

  8. Anthony was hilarious at that dinner! When he said what I’ll make sure he gets really good chocolate I frickin cackled - what a great sense of humor

  9. isn’t sky a girl name traditionally?

  10. “Anybody can say whatever they want”… except if it’s about Alexia in any capacity.

  11. Or Cuba. Or Peter. Or drug dealers (they're good people too!!)

  12. Whaaat? They have enough material for about 0.5 episodes. 3 tedious episodes and we still won't know about shiner-gate, or see Jen, or get any real answers from the others about her and Coach.

  13. Do you think that if Jen had pled guilty at the start or at least earlier that her sentence would be lower? And, if she had been open about taking the guilty plea to the women, if there would have been more acceptance & grace for her as she’d have to show more conceit and regret in talking about it on camera vs her outright denial?

  14. She got lucky with 6.5 years! I'm surprised Heather hasn't turned herself in for punching herself in the face so she can go to prison with Jen. Jen deserves every single day. Do you know how many times a day, for years, that she had to consciously make thousands of choices that would devastate the most vulnerable people? Day after day, and laugh about it? She might be outrageous. She might be funny. She might love her kids and her husband. But she led evil acts, did irreversible damage, and delighted in it until the very last minute she possibly could.

  15. i love when kurn starts up w someone and the other women all start looking like 😃😃😃

  16. I always remember her season 1 etiquette schtick at these times.

  17. Robyn still dragging this whole “wedding” storyline?

  18. She drags her feet for 2 years and now has to hustle and get married in a month and stress everybody out.

  19. Julia's goat with the diaper. What even is life? This franchise is top tier.

  20. I was laughing so hard I had tears. He didn't want to move anymore because his range of motion was extremely limited with the diaper around his ankles. Omg I'm laughing again now.

  21. Like who the heck keeps running to Larsa with gossip lol is Larsa Deumoix ???! ahahah even HOSPITAL gossip reaches her lol

  22. Hospital gossip, surf club gossip, mortgage gossip. One might say she has too much time on her hands!

  23. Every single episode I forget Whitney has children😭

  24. And that she also has a progeny named Marks, and her other kid looks like she escaped from Brandi Redmond's house.

  25. Yes it is lol. Sorry, Heather has my brain all scrambled.

  26. She should try to steal Danilo from Gwen Stefani. Apparently he constantly gets her hair that light without bleach. That's what he says anyway. If so, he's sitting on a billion dollar product. Gwen never has a hint of roots, but I have no idea the real length of her hair either...

  27. I picture Gwen like angelyne, bleaching her roots every night and making Blake sleep in his own room 😂

  28. Kylie looks like a mom who took her kids to a show

  29. Like a blind aunt they asked to go with them out of compassion.

  30. Can I just say that I started watching the show live solely to comment on these threads? It feels like the Internet version of Cheers here every week.

  31. First thought: why is Travis Barker dipping Kylie?

  32. I'm also doing extra moles and crazy eye shadow if my life ever becomes a public trainwreck.

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