1. All forecasts I’ve seen have precipitation starting shortly after lunch hour. All it takes is a couple degrees warmer than expected and you’ve got freezing rain during the afternoon drop off. Not worth risking it imo.

  2. Yep. And even the forecast for the evening freezing rain shows 5 PM. We have 2 buses on our street that drop other kids off between 4:30 and 5.

  3. Freezing rain isn’t forecasted to start until after school buses would have been done dropping kids off. This is stupid and pointless.

  4. I have two apps on my phone that both say there's a chance the freezing rain could start around 1 PM.

  5. Well, he's only repeating the number most other media outlets have been estimating for 2 days.

  6. Those "temporary" buildings schools use when they have no room for all the kids. They become permanent at lots of schools......

  7. That's the shape the outfield seats in Exhibition Stadium took? I knew it was an odd angle, no idea it was like that

  8. Yep. My mom took me to games pretty regularly. She'd get the $4 general admission seats from A&P for $2. If it was a big game, popular team etc.... and you didn't get there before noon. Sometimes you'd get stuck far from the field.

  9. Not really. Pendrick even said he can't let friendship cloud his judgement and only had room for people who would be able to build a completely new society together. Since he knew who he was bringing, crime shouldn't have been a problem.

  10. No. I don't think he wouldn't do that. He's said for a couple of years Italy gave him the shot last time. He seems pretty loyal that way.

  11. She needs an end plot. I thought they were getting to that but then nothing happened.

  12. I love that we have 2 guys who more than deserve it.

  13. Even tho I agree with Stro here obviously, it's very funny to me how he seems to insert himself into every twitter situation

  14. I’m not against him putting the guy on blast and proving a point but I hope it doesn’t go much beyond this cause at a certain point it just seems like the guy’s comments got to you.

  15. Yeah. I saw this and I thought it was a bit much. Reply to the original tweet and let it go.

  16. This tweet wasn’t posted by Manoah. Looks like a fan account (unless I’m wrong and Manoah also posts from the ManoahDriven account)

  17. Pick a hospital and bring a book? Maybe try the Almonte Hospital but go early in the day to ensure all the required staff are on

  18. My daughter has a stress fracture on her wrist and she was in and out of Almonte in 2 hours (8 PM on a weeknight).

  19. This can all be avoided if MLB actually moved out the guys who aren’t doing the job up to MLB standards. There have to be younger umps in AAA who are more than capable of replacing the dead weight in the Majors.

  20. They have a union that protects them. Unfortunately even for under performance....

  21. Yeah that’s how guys like Angel Hernandez and the recently retired Joe West are able to hang in so long. That’s why I wonder about the whole idea of robot umps possible. Got to get this by the umps union and I don’t see that happening.

  22. As a part of their last agreement, the umpires union agreed to them.

  23. It’s almost like weather patterns aren’t uniform across a large city! Wild!

  24. They're not even uniform across either side of my driveway.....

  25. The selection isn't nearly as big as any of the Fanatic sites. But I've used

  26. We get completely fleeced here in Canada. Only tip I have is that if you shop on the US$ store it is usually cheaper (after conversion to CAD) than the CAD$ store. Sometimes they have promos like "free shipping within US" but I have used those codes on orders to Canada w/o issue.

  27. I did post that, which I pointed out in my original post here. Because there was plenty of people crapping on Jordan Peterson and supporting banning his talk, but I read through that whole thread and didn't see one concrete example of something he SAID....What did he actually DO/OR SAY that is so bad that we want to stop him from talking?

  28. There was ONE link. And it was to an article written in 2018. The article referenced 3 "quotes" from JP, but when I went to the article, only ONE was sourced to a random Twitter account. The other 2 links were dead ends.

  29. I keep expecting them to resurrect James Gillies

  30. Gilles, Violet's father, the American spy (multiple times I think.......). I want to say Eva Pearce but I'm not too sure about that one.

  31. I was able to click "fix" and it took me to the Optimize Battery page. Based on my settings, I assume it wants me to optimize PA.

  32. So tesla won't become the most valuable company in the world. Spacex possibly, but certainly not tesla.

  33. I think at last count, he's called 4 people pedophiles when something's gone against him and he's lashed out, like the petulant man-child he is.

  34. 100% I was expecting this to be a thread about Tesla.....

  35. HIGHLY disagree on this man being of sound mind. He's been losing it hard for the past couple years, have you taken a peek at his Twitter lately? And like fuck, he LITERALLY works for a far right propaganda company.

  36. People trying to cancel him only feeds into his narrative and his followers delusions. We have freedom of speech for a reason.

  37. Manoah’s a mommas boy he would definitely take her in

  38. These are the people who get on the highway doing 100 in the right lane and immediately move to the passing lane to continue going 100. While all the people they're supposed to be "passing" are going faster......

  39. It’s true. I grew up around brampton and moved to Ottawa 3 years ago. Yes, people do stupid shit here too and drive under the speed limit. But even that type of behaviour is a treat around these parts. Dangerous yes, but still a treat. Folks drive a lot more civil in these parts

  40. Someone said in a previous thread about the driving that I think is true. In the GTA (non rush hour) you know someone is going to be doing 130 in the passing lane. You know you're going to get cut off. People in the GTA are aggressive and you can prepare for it. If there's an opening in front of you, someone will try to push in.

  41. He can't ignore it nor can he tell what the media to report on. The damage was already done by CTV by reporting on it.

  42. He is supposed to ignore something being amplified by local media? Blame the morons at CTV for talking about this in the first place. 20 minutes of research on their part would have made it clear that this was BS.

  43. And 30 seconds on his part to see their source and ignore it or speak to CTV using that source in the first place.

  44. The wording kind of came off as sounding wrong but then he turned around and said he loved watching the guys have fun in the dugout. So I’ll put it up there with old guy inappropriate language but not offensive.

  45. I can’t imagine he’s making anything close to that currently. If he were any good, some podcast network would pick him up.

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