1. I love goodwill. I am plus size so it’s a lot harder to find stuff but if you are willing to dig and go often even I can find good stuff. It’s also a really good way to discover brands. That’s how I found out about Madewell jeans, ModCloth, and eshakti. I just wait for sales and can get nice quality things for a good price. eBay and poshmark are also great resources. She could even sell her stuff on there and make some money back. Her clothes have no resale value though so I guess that really couldn’t work.

  2. I get my husbands work stuff there too. I have gotten him new shoes super cheap and even hobby stuff. I love it for my daughter too. I get a lot of her uniforms secondhand and I am able to put her in bougee kids clothes. I love thrifting!

  3. This is a ridiculous Tiktok trend she's hopping on. It's boring to watch, and nothing is a 'hack ' like they say. It's moving things from one container to another. Woo.

  4. I hate this trend of moving stuff to new containers. I tried watching the home edit and could not get into it. All they did to “organize” was move stuff into really expensive containers and make rainbows. I don’t think the rainbow method is practical at all but people seem to go crazy for this kind of organizing so what do I know?

  5. The only time it's worth it is for a spice rack organization (especially in a small space) and for preserving fresh produce.

  6. That makes sense. I just hate how it’s crackers, chips, oatmeal, the whole damn pantry. It’s ok to keep the original boxes.

  7. I'm embarrassed for her too. This outfit is horrific. It's dated, tacky, over contrived, and makes her look desperate as fuck. How is she SO BAD at styling things. Like, so, so bad. It actually does my head in, that she thinks this is fashion.

  8. I don’t understand this either. I am so terrible at fashion. I really don’t know what I’m doing at all. I got a new job though and wanted to try and get better. I just went to Pinterest and looked up a few outfits and color charts and after an hour or so I started putting my own outfits together. I just needed a little help. She is always on social media. I think she should be able to come up with something besides this.

  9. How cute would a Lilly Pulitzer dress be for brunch in the south? Oh but that isn’t cheap drop ship garbage that she can link all day. Never mind. What was I thinking?

  10. Thank you!! I snagged white opal! With this, I think I have EBB peace lol

  11. All I really want is the turquoise belt bag. Keep hoping it drops so far no luck.

  12. If water drop or a mulled wine comes out then I might have to get those too! But for now I’m happy with what I have!

  13. Ooooh mulled wine or cassis would be really nice. Does anyone know why these exploded in popularity? Was there a TikTok or something?

  14. Right? I like color shifting nail polish and shiny things too.

  15. Oh my gosh same here. I am such a slut for holographic nail polish.

  16. Not ashamed to say I own around 50 bottles of ILNP for that reason. It is so fun to wear!

  17. Oh my gosh she makes the best stuff! Her black holos are the best. I have about 50 bottles as well 😬

  18. You guys the horrible white boots are spreading. I saw this while browsing a website this morning and spoiler alert they don’t look mush better than what MS does with them.

  19. Since MS’ laughable white boot fAsHiOns over the years, I can’t objectively tell if they’re cute on others or not anymore. All I picture is her

  20. I think they only look cute on Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. I don’t think the white works in any style because it’s usually such a stark comparison. I have seen a ton of people wear all sorts of white boots and it never looks right. Yikes that outfit is truly terrible.

  21. Is this close to her real body? If so I think it looks perfectly fine. I know if she posted something it’s filtered to death but I thought Amazon lives don’t do filters.

  22. I hate you for that second picture. I could have gone my whole life without seeing it 🤢🤮

  23. I really think she is in money trouble. She can’t keep up with her lifestyle anymore and has to work to get caught up. She has been bragging for years how awesome her job is though so she is kind of stuck.

  24. I bet she loves being short because she will always be front row center.

  25. My goodness they look so old. I really wish she would start using sunscreen. She could even link it to ear her Pennies.

  26. I haven’t found the best ones yet. I’m in a supervisory type role so I have to wear dress shoes. Right now I’m wearing Clark’s. They’re ok. When I was allowed to wear tennis shoes I wore Ons or Brooks.

  27. Have you tried dansko? They are dressy shoes/clogs that are made for comfort. I wore them when I was student teaching and working at Home Depot. Also maybe Birkenstocks as well. They have really cute shoes besides their sandals. Both options are a bit pricy though.

  28. I’m so excited. They finally have a down for it all jacket in extended sizes!

  29. The Rain Rebel jacket is also avail in extended sizes and I’m so excited! Released last week but hoping we continue to see more 🥹

  30. That one actually comes in and out of stock a lot. I really want it but I live in Colorado and don’t see a lot of rain. I think I will get it eventually though.

  31. I came here to say this. This haul is the gift that keeps on giving. I am here for it.

  32. Stop! She still doesn’t know how to wear tops like this omfg

  33. I’m not very fashionable so please excuse me if this is a dumb question. This kind of top is supposed to be filled out with her breasts right? Kind of like bra cups? Because if so that’s hilarious. It’s not even close 😂

  34. She has the absolute worst taste in clothes I've seen in a long time. especially when this is what she is trying to do for a job. Can she not link actual stores? Some of my favorite clothes are from local boutiques but I know she can't make money off that. I wouldn't be willing to only wear cheap garbage just to be an influencer. If you ever read the reviews on some of the stuff she links they are so bad. I would be ashamed to tell people to buy some of the garbage that she pushes. Unless her actual followers are just as cheap and trashy as she is.

  35. I just got my first real job and need to update my wardrobe. I have been searching the internet high and low to find some nice career clothes that won’t break the bank. I found a website that is amazing. They have up to size 6X and you tell them how tall you are so everything hits in the right place. You can also customize everything for an extra fee. She could probably work with a company like this and not shill Amazon crap but she is so bad at her job so this is what she has to resort to.

  36. Why would leave Louboutins where a cat can get them? They are on the top shelf of my closet in a box like God intended.

  37. I don’t have any super fancy shoes like that but my most expensive ultraboost are in their box on the highest self in my closet 😂. I don’t understand how she never takes care of her things.

  38. I don’t know if anyone ever watched good luck Charlie but she looks just like when Teddy fell asleep after applying her self tanner.

  39. Her saying she expects to make 60k in two years from selling that condo might be the most hilarious/delusional thing I've ever heard her say...

  40. This is so delusional. My husband and I bought a house in 2008. We then refinanced it when the house market boomed in 2020. We got just about 60,000 for it. That was with 12 years of equity and was a stand alone house. She will never get that kind of money out of this house.

  41. I am the cat in the background trying to escape her screeches.

  42. I have spending problems related to ADHD. It’s not the same as a shopping addiction but I do empathize with what you’re struggling with

  43. That is so kind, thank you. I think my spending actually stems from ADHD as well. I’m not officially diagnosed currently. I was when I was a child but my parents didn’t want to put me on medication. I assumed you grew out of it as you got older. Turns out that’s not true at all. I really should try and get help for it but I don’t really know where to start. 

  44. Go to your primary care provider, explain your previous diagnosis, describe your symptoms, and tell them you want testing. Don’t ask, tell.

  45. I didn’t know it could be that simple. I thought I had to go through a therapist or something. For a snark sub it’s really great here ❤️

  46. I really think she needs a purpose. She should scrub all her social media and work on trying to find a job and perhaps try therapy. Her instagram is the result of boredom I think. If she got a job she wouldn’t have to shill useless junk to make pennies. I don’t know if she will ever be married. I would want to have a safety net. This is so embarrassing and cringey.

  47. Oh man I wish I could watch this. Kind of like what they did on simple life. I know she used to work but I really want to see her have to earn an honest days pay. You know instead of whatever it is she does now.

  48. I actually kind of like the outfit?! I only saw the handsy skirt at first and I was like oh! Funkytown. I’m a little into it, what happened to me?

  49. I actually think the skirt is really cute. Not a fan of the top though. It really freaks me out.

  50. This is super boring. It kinda makes me sad. I feel weird watching this, like I’m reading someone’s sad boring diary. Like, what is this?? Am I the only one?

  51. I got this vibe too. It felt like I was watching her write in her junior high diary. 

  52. "We love these cookies!!🤩🖤 Can you tell us which location you grabbed these from?"

  53. Oh don’t worry I’m sure the cameras have already caught the store and put a stop to it. That is a fun surprise!

  54. Damn I love this hair cut. It looks so good on her. ETA: Kylie’s hair

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