1. You may find it beneficial to also see these threads related to "commute", near or far.

  2. Always near, preferably in walking distance. Bicycle is good too. A short commute as a contributor to happiness and well being is backed by research.

  3. You may search for "computer science" in this sub. There have been a few discussions on teaching computer science with and without certificates and branching discussions in the comments. Good luck!

  4. You may find helpful this thread with more or less the same question from 5 days ago. You can search this sub for “no IB experience”, too.

  5. Please search for “maternity” here and you may find one or two past threads very relevant.

  6. Excellent to see an individual’s data points and how you set this up. I appreciate how this visual can help facilitate patience and fortitude in an otherwise gambling lottery and competitive sport. Kudos to you and hopefully others can apply and share their own data and insights. Smarter together.

  7. Yes. In my institution we also use data for differentiation and/or scaffolding from the yearly language assessments on reading and writing comprehension or other subjects scores.

  8. Search Associates has their first Super Bowl ad lined up and will be using this drama for a 30 second spot.

  9. Remote work for trailing spouse has come up a few times here. You may benefit by reading those posts by searching for “remote work”.

  10. No, it’s not even February. There will be jobs through late July. And probably even August 01.

  11. Schrole and Search Associates. Both these sites will give you a list of schools. Direct connect is “the better way” but it takes leg work.

  12. You might search around here for “lapsed” and “expired”. I found a few posts or comments that may or may not be beneficial for you.

  13. Please see all these posts from the last 4 weeks with more or less with the same question as yours. I’ll add yours to the list for the next one.

  14. Good question. It is generally best to apply through the official job posting on the school's site if you can.

  15. I suggest trying a different recruiter and applying to schools directly. You are on the verge of being a very qualified candidate but without secured certification, you are sitting on the (outside of) the fence. You may see the Search Associates FAQ:

  16. To benefit all, here are threads about possible interview questions to ask:

  17. Please read the two pinned posts. It’s all one like you needs to get started.

  18. Definitely Head of School. Bar exceptional institutions, department heads/chairs rarely have much power, training, and/or compensation (to do much damage).

  19. I wouldn't move to a new country or country/region you are apprehensive about just to stay with IB.

  20. I’m sure I just saw a post like this here last week where someone offered several example questions and answers

  21. You’ll probably be asked about your facilitating professional developments.

  22. I like Chase Sapphire for travel and the app. The Citi Premier might also be a contender. I’ve have noted Capitol One app requires more security verification but unlike you I am able to use it with a VPN.

  23. You’ll stick with the same associate throughout your career. No one chooses unless they come with a specific referral. Recruiter region doesn’t matter. FWIW, Search Associates recruiters are not that actively involved in the recruiting on school’s or candidate’s behalf— to my knowledge at least.

  24. I am glad someone positively reported back. Thank you and good luck! Welcome to

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