1. Looks great! Can you add the classic comic book mullet as well? 😂

  2. I liked the Tom King comic a lot so I'm not upset if it is similar to that.

  3. Im excited for this. Haven’t read this Supergirl comic though. Is this version Kara Zor El?

  4. Yep it's Kara, the story is basically that she encounters an alien teenager who wants revenge on the criminal that killed her father and convinces Kara to help her reach her destination...sorta True Grit is space. They go through a lot on the way.

  5. That sounds great! Definitely adding this to my reading list

  6. So excited for this. Will it be Kara Zor El Supergirl?

  7. I think this is the beginning of the Bizarro episode where the cat has red eyes when the light shines on it

  8. Haha this is great! Would be funny if they referenced this in the show

  9. I’m excited for this casting. I think he’s a pretty good actor. Interesting to see they’re making Lex quite a bit older than Clark and Lois

  10. He’s sometimes older and sometimes the same age in comics I’ve read

  11. Information on casting and plot for season 3

  12. I was glad to get more info on the season here! It sounds like the writers are the ones looking for Jonathans purpose beyond the football field lol

  13. Hi all, I wasn’t sure how to post a video so I posted the Instagram link. Just wanted to bring up how Jonathan isn’t in this promo at all. Doesn’t that seem strange? Maybe they showed a short clip and I just missed it

  14. I absolutely love that Bree Turner was there for support - all the pictures she and Bitsie took together were adorable.

  15. Yeah I’m interested to see how they handle this storyline in the new season or if they just try to put it on the back burner

  16. OV5 says:

    Anybody got a screencap of this moment?

  17. Really hope it’s not another miscarriage 😢

  18. It was cool to see the Daily Planet! Looks like we’ll get some Metropolis scenes

  19. I love the colors of this suit! Too bad they do so much color correction

  20. My three favorite DC characters! These covers are great

  21. Really like the level of detail. The shading on the upper lip must’ve taken hours

  22. Haha this is great! Wish we could get more behind the scenes photos this season!

  23. This is so great! Captured his brooding very well

  24. Haven’t read this issue, but he and supergirl have worn types of armor that block kryptonite poisoning

  25. Not sure actually. This could be a different type of suit

  26. Super agree on everything you said. I really love your idea. I am also hoping that the very 1st scene of "Closer" 3x01 will be the Clark introducing his whole family to the fortress. I am also hoping that 3x01 will be an exclusive episode for the Kents only but I know it's impossible. I am also imagining that the intimate scene that Bitsie had shared will happen at the fortess, hopefully.

  27. Yeah I’m hoping the “Closer” refers to them growing closer as a family

  28. Yes, I’ve always had great experiences donating there

  29. Pillory was Nick Pace at the UFC UF12 Finale. Some call it the Pace Choke.

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