I was walking home when I saw a man entering a subway station - I took a photo of him

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  1. Lol remember writing ‘16/no thanks/neverland’ or some shit and thinking you were edgy as hell. Hahacringes

  2. Exactly. I'm also one of the engineers who worked nights and weekends (including that New Year's Eve) to ensure nothing "bad" happened.

  3. One of my co-workers said he was called in on weekends for weeks to prepare/program for y2k to prevent any bugs. You all saved our butts!

  4. Meanwhile my rural stop gets instant denied despite being the most heavily trafficked place in this town lol.

  5. Idk why all mine get denied. One got rejected by Niantic with no comments as to why. I appealed it and that was months ago. Should’ve just re-submitted it.

  6. It was under a tile on Spotify called ‘your artist messages’.

  7. In the top 0.5%, so hopefully a lot of us got it!

  8. I gave my alien babies shit random names like Qzerpl'lerj and Ioez'zerys to stay true to their cultural heritage.

  9. Edward - he's attractive, he's immortal, and he's got money. That might be shallow but... ykw, who cares?

  10. Yeah. Not to mention that being immortal means you don’t live life at 100mph and actually get to enjoy every day/event anxiety-free.

  11. When I worked in retail, I always loved when crazy stuff went down. It distracted me from the board mechanical work of every shift.

  12. The only thing I hated was if we had a fire alarm. People WILL NOT abandon their products and will ASK TO PAY before even considering leaving the shop. This was right in front of physical smoke, too.

  13. This was a toughie AGAIN - haha, thanks OP for keeping this going!

  14. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeneee 🎶🎶

  15. Even though I new what this comment was, I still read it in time to the song, word by word.

  16. I loved going back and forth seeing how many ways I could change my sim’s future. For better and worse!

  17. Recyclops will drown you in your overwatered lawns!

  18. In game: ‘oh wow! Roadworks! I’m waiting in traffic, look!!’

  19. A little water tank on your property provides water but costs per litre to use.

  20. Okay so first you’re going to want to take your extra firm tofu and apply directly to the burn.

  21. This, probably, my parents are pretty average height, my mom probably a little tall, for a woman, I'm unusually tall (200 cm), there's, however, occasionally, an extra tall person in my family, like every 1 or 2 generations.

  22. Can I ask what back exercises you recommend?

  23. It really depends on where in your journey you are, I am favouring goodmornings, deadlifts and, if I have the equipment, back extensions, but those are horrible exercises if you're just starting out, they have enormous injury potential if you're not already strong and have lots of experience with it.

  24. Definitely untrained, so thanks for the beginner’s insight!

  25. A whole energy source that exploded but did lead to a heck of a treaty/alliance if I’m not mistaken?

  26. “This is the insert team name that you know and love!”

  27. The dad or step mum will scold them when they get home, always happens if parents are away when kids get in trouble

  28. This is such a great feature because it feels so realistic, imo.

  29. I haven’t caught COVID but I’ve had two debilitating colds in the last six months

  30. Definitely something going around. Six other people I know have had hellish colds lately. Someone said they reckon it’s because we’ve been distancing and now our bodies are like ‘wtf is this’ when we catch something. Idk but I also caught one and yeah, it sucked a lot.

  31. I sort of feel like Everyday Clutter should include a lot more objects. I know kits are usually small, but since none of these objects need to be interacted with it feels like less value.

  32. Ugh yeah now I’ve seen it I’ve lost the hype. Give me more kitchen clutter that adds realism to the room. Like chopping boards, digital scales or trivets. I like the water bottle but eh.

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