1. honestly as a stationery nerd, i’m most interested in that LePen

  2. I bought from them recently! I think they’re based in California. I didn’t have any issues buying with them and everything arrived fine, so I think it’s pretty low risk.

  3. Oh that's awesome to know! Thanks so much for confirming. They seem pretty legit, I just hadn't heard of them before so wasn't sure!

  4. NP! it was my first time ordering too, I was tempted because they have a great selection of SPF!

  5. thank you! i originally wanted to make it spooky or something but i’m trying to learn how to color stuff creatively so that was an attempt of sorts

  6. i can’t figure out how to post a pic as a reply but here’s a WIP shot!

  7. fr, i would just check poshmark or something, UO stuff ends up there all the time!

  8. Hero Cosmetics has a green sunscreen. It doesn’t have any color changing properties, as it’s just meant to tone down the redness. They have an acne healing balm that’s similar and I love it because it doesn’t change color!

  9. those stickers are cute! I love DIY cushions, what are the cushions you’ve made?

  10. I used PUR water serum and Le Fluide by ParisBerlin as testers. I plan on buying a couple more for La Mer Soft Fluid and Revlon Colorstay.

  11. that’s a good idea! i have so many empty cases and I started using them for custom skin tints (I’m very olive, so i always have to use shade adjusters) and blushers!

  12. I think the closest I could get to the smaller brush tip was Heroine Make which they sell on Amazon or any Asian beauty retailer. It’s about $11 (online stores: oo35mm is located in NY, iMomoko is in California)

  13. I’ve used it before! it’s a little sticky which I didn’t like, but it did provide good hydration. I have combination skin and the area around my jawline gets dry, and this was nice.

  14. Do you recommend applying it to damp skin? I purchased it without really considering that products with hyaluronic acid should be applied on damp skin and I use tret and azelaic acid and like to put those on right after washing for full effect.

  15. I’ve never used tret or azelaic acid but I usually spray my face with the Briotech Topical Spray and then follow it up with this, just because I like the way it spreads. I follow it up with the HadaLabo Perfect Gel at night or Rohto Vit C gel cream in the daytime and then an occlusive like the Mr. Flower Honey cream or Glossier’s After Baume. I don’t really wait between putting on my lotions, I’m not sure if I should or not, but I feel like I just get dry waiting in-between steps!

  16. i’ve been eyeing that Biore formula! Do you know by any chance if it’s comparable to the Anessa milk formula?

  17. They’re very different. Anessa is a combo and this is chemical filters only. Anessa is better suited for oily skin (though I think the recent formula is a little kinder to us dry skin folks) and this is hydrating.

  18. thanks for the info! i have combo skin and have been using Anessa for years and was curious. lately my skin has shifted more to the dry side and the biore sounds like it could be really nice!

  19. i haven’t found a dupe for it yet, so After Baume. Also BDC because it’s the only lip balm that doesn’t wreck my lips after five minutes. (i know people say it’s just vaseline or aquaphor but it really isn’t!)

  20. After Baume for me too! It's the only heavy moisturizer I've ever used that doesn't cause me to break out. I love it so much.

  21. yeah same! i thought for sure it would break me out, but my skin loves it! i’ve got sensitive and combination skin and it’s been great!

  22. i really like the Rohto Melano CC brightening gel in the little tub container! it’s about $13 and is nice for my combo skin! plus it helps with dark spots (i scar really bad from acne so it helps accelerate that recovery time.)

  23. this is honestly so helpful, I feel like I just realized I’ve been buying the wrong types of products for my current skin situation.

  24. and IK this is mushy or whatever but I don't have many places that make me feel safe, I'm a closeted trans male living with transphobic parents so to have a place where I belong makes me sob

  25. nah we’re your parents now and we love and support you in this greg house

  26. yesss! also they should add a lip applicator, I hate having to put it on my finger to apply it.

  27. is this watercolor? you managed some really nice tones in the face, it’s really good!

  28. I’ve been curious about that Tocobo sun stick!

  29. i love this new formula compared to the past ones. i have the same combo skin as you and i find this one more moisturizing. and you’re absolutely right about the feeling on the body. i tried to use an older bottle on my arms and it felt so dry and hard to work with.

  30. your skin is GORGEOUS wow! that’s a really pretty look!

  31. you need to make a little sketchbook collection/zine out of all your illustrations, they’re so cute

  32. if you’re still looking, I’ll trade you the honey bear for a Seattle sticker!

  33. i wish i could see the sides better if there was a logo but off the top of my head, the more famous brands with the two dots are Celine and Oliver Peoples.

  34. i want to say g12 because it looks to be cool toned. (I think g11 might lean warm?)

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