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  1. There’s apparently 9 types of intelligence. You can be low in 8, high in one and do well.

  2. Ah yes! 1981 the last year a black man was lynched by the KKK. Great… ahem year… um… no shame there people.. it’s just…ummm…. ah.. a.. lynching.

  3. My favorite album, by anyone, ever and this is one of the highlights. Truly a masterpiece

  4. Short of a fully planned economy (which has its own issues and is a separate discussion entirely) we have to accept that we will produce more graduates in X than we need and fewer in Y. A good way around this is membership of a supernational organisation that allows people to seek work in other countries where they may have an excess of Y graduates and be crying out for X. Some kind of Union of European Countries or something.

  5. To do that you’d need an agreement with countries in close proximity like say the continent. You’d need more open borders as well. But how you go about getting all those countries to join a club like that is probably impossible.

  6. Not really. The fact is that people earning £100k often pay the SAME tax as those on £1m. And it’s built in to the system.

  7. You are missing an important point. There aren't that many people earning those amounts.

  8. Did you even read the article? It says it would raise over £10bn in tax. That’s more than dido Harding could piss away in 6 months.

  9. If you wanna load, or unload, go to the white zone. You’ll love it, it’s a way of life!

  10. Ah yes decades of political theory has been toppled by the fictional high school curriculum written by a *shivers* englishman

  11. Absolute and mindless devotion are not the same thing.

  12. If someone asks what skills they need and instead of replying “develop your critical thinking skills, learn how to debate opponents, learn how to run a collective” and instead you reply with “absolute devotion” you just sound like a cult. The downvotes only make it look worse.

  13. Well considering how no one's actually ever been arrested for that, I'd say no.

  14. The guy who tweeted some nasty stuff about Cptn Tom Moore was arrested, charged and sentenced to something like 150 hours of community service.

  15. Good on him for delivering the performance but also good one the audience member, as weak as it sounds it's doubtful i'd enjoy a one on one performance and have to bail.

  16. I’d sit at the very back and heckle. It would be impolite not to.

  17. Hey, why not go the whole hog and demand to bang you wife too!?!

  18. I mean it’s reasonably hard to keep the fact that you’re lesbians secret if you’re inviting people to your wedding no?

  19. Not if you’re part of the lesbian underground. They have entire cities miles beneath the surface.

  20. i’m actually cracking up at your comments lmao. i think it’s meant to be a joke ??? so idk why so many downvotes

  21. Reddit can be very humourless at times. To me it’s weird that this is even a conversation. But hey ho.

  22. I mean yes, of course, but I didn't know how to say it in plural

  23. How much of a failed abortion do you have to be to go out of your way to write an article about an animal and insult it for how it looks?

  24. This guy is paid by a company. They all get together and air this stuff. It’s not like he’s working alone.

  25. You could learn it. It’d take a year but you definitely could.

  26. Religion has very little to do with it. It's just the excuse for people who want to control the lives of other have chosen to use and if it wasn't religion it would be something else as always. Fascism exists in religious, athiest and secular states alike. Pull your head out of your own ass.

  27. Yes all those “atheist” hell holes where abortion for raped 10 year olds is beat down.

  28. You’re only seeing the ones that succeeded with that method

  29. Seems like a lot of people. I’ve worked in a lot of big corporations. Their full to the brim with assholes, most of whom have little talent.

  30. I still dont get it. You should be treated like a king on your special day, not be reminded again how shitty life is.

  31. Really? I thought being a complete asshole got you promoted in life.

  32. Yeh you can, but you get artefacts and compression marks. There aren’t any here.

  33. Not really. This isn’t distorted. It’s clearly masked. It’s an After Effects plug in at work, not a glitch exploit.

  34. The behaviour of Truss and Sunak at this point should not be considered anything less than Evil.

  35. Sunak is absolutely worthy of the label evil. Truss isn’t.

  36. If you think she’s evil after her rant about cheese then maybe you lack social skills.

  37. “Ian Green, CEO of the Terence Higgins Trust, told i: “What’s happening to trans people today is reminiscent of what happened to gay people in the 80s and 90s. “

  38. This is only because you are under the false impression that the Guardian is supportive of trans people. It isn’t. They have been publishing anti trans articles for years. Same with the BBC. Their image doesn’t actually match what they actually publish when it comes to trans issues.

  39. No I’m not. Nuance is a real thing. It exists. Try learning about it.

  40. I appreciate the sentiment; unfortunately things have moved on a lot. Fees are now significantly more, the interests on the plans are significantly more and are more akin to a tax for most.

  41. If you do a degree and don’t learn how to use your brain then that’s on you. 99% of the cabinet have no training or background in the job they do.

  42. This works for me, but I’m a 6’ dude. Utterly inconceivable that less imposing people have to run this daily battle.

  43. 6’1 and 16 stone. You try that shit with me during rush hour and you’re getting bumped tiny Karen.

  44. I hope its not scripted because thats hilarious that thats his first responce to that lmao

  45. Architecture is grown up stuff. It’s not like you can pull a building down to rebuild in a few weeks or “reskin” it without some shit going down.

  46. Depends on the maggot species, actually. Some of them definitely eat living flesh.

  47. So if I'm a greedy person, that feels these sort of feelings, what am I supposed to do in order to stop feeling them? Sure, I can consciously try to remember to ignore them, but feelings inform actions on a much deeper level, and you're never really free of their influence.

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