1. when i was having a mental break down in grade 6 and went to the girls washroom to calm down, then a boy walked in and we made awkward eye contact for a few minutes before i realized i was actually in the mens washroom.

  2. I love Damon but I cringe hard when he says “that’s because you haven’t had sex with me” 😂 I’m like ok homie grab a dictionary and look up ‘humility’ please

  3. Didn't he say that to Silas his bro's lookalike 💀nah we don't talk enough about how weird that was lmfao.

  4. WDYM? Alaric suffered that the worst out of everyone. Caroline as well. Her lovers always left.

  5. Tyler killing Liv was the saddest thing ever

  6. Cuz he did all that as a human while the rest did it as a vampire

  7. My least fav out of Damon friendships. They were tolerable in prison world then got annoying asf. Bonnie just became another Elena, excusing all his actions. Dalaric is where it's at! I had a lot of respect for Alaric when he told Damon his boundaries after he came back from being dessicated. Like no things are not gonna go back to normal! So realistic.

  8. Being such a bitch to Caroline when she's the one who told Damon to give her blood

  9. If you’re a rising senior just know to keep that rough draft safe (and anything was you write in the website) the common app website will wipe EVERYTHING on August 1st

  10. This is the stupidest post I’ve seen. You said you have a 4.0 gpa and you’re scared you won’t get into college. Talk about the entitlement - I can’t believe this isn’t satire 😭

  11. It's not! I've taken no APs in my high school even tho they offer a gazillion. They also got college now 💀 haven't taken that either so like I'm doomed. Colleges are gonna be like I had so many opportunities but chose to do nothing

  12. Open secret: most schools in America accept most of their applicants (exempting int'l students from this). If you plan correctly there will be multiple places that want you!

  13. UK is not generous at all with financial aid for internationals. Some unis have good merit scholarships, like st Andrew’s, which require applications, but most don’t. Of the ones I know, Oxbridge, Durham and LSE all don’t give internationals much/any scholarships or need-based aid.

  14. Do the Canadian unis have fee waivers for their apps! I don't wanna pay more than $100 for each thing

  15. 10 I would love to look like her the most

  16. Caroline's dress was 100x better. Elena looks better in simple dresses like the one she wore in Ms Mystic Falls.

  17. It's a TikTok trend. What's bad about this 💀

  18. "Connection bhi na kamal ki cheez hai, ho gaya to gaya, mat pucho kaise".

  19. I personally think he's very physically attractive. Like all his features work together and he's so pleasing to look at 😍 he is guy next door but better.

  20. I think Nina looks more like Lily Collins

  21. Idk if folks are dumb or naive but there's an obvious filter on this pic bruh 😭

  22. Can’t beat the chemistry between Sameer and Nandini in Hum Dil de chuke Sanam.

  23. Tbf the movies were different af. Their chemistry was more childish which isn't a bad thing while in Devdas there was too much tension 😂

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