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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Maybe she’s turning into Dorit for another reason🤣🤣🤣

  2. Took a page from the Wendy play book 🤣

  3. No Ramona, period. There is absolutely no coming back from the Black Shabbot.

  4. I've been playing on a medium map and using road transport to do this instead of trains, very fun!

  5. We'll see what she says when Jen is actually inside lmao

  6. Is this the pre-Rinna BH I see unfurling before my eyes?! I do believe it is!!!

  7. I did exactly this c. 2018. I may have just been lucky, but my uni in North NJ took all of my out-of-state community college credits basically no questions asked, I even had some leeway/say into which credits took out which classes which I was thankful for. The program was excellent and is CIDA accredited whereas my community college was not.

  8. How can a room (if you can call these things rooms) have "a sense of surprise"? Do these people ever listen to the nonsense they spout?

  9. It's an actual design thing and one of the tenets of biophilic design. Not so necessary for single-family residential though.

  10. This just made me ugly laugh so hard 💀💀💀

  11. As a Scottish-Canadian, could someone answer me this - is there no other talented Australian furniture maker than Christian Cole? Do people gasp when they hear his name and just generally love his tables etc so much that it makes a difference to a house?

  12. My heart will break when they tear Brecknock down

  13. I actually liked Diana in this episode. She seemed more relaxed

  14. The "chicken" comment made me laugh. I wish that's who Diana was :(

  15. Dorit said Garcelle is guilty of throwing a grenade and pretending it’s coming from a place of concern.

  16. I literally lol'd at that. Kyle has lobbed at least 10 grenades this season alone, last season was like a WW1 battlefield she threw so many grenades. It's too much.

  17. I miss when the block would build homes, not these overpriced mini mansions

  18. I miss the grand renovations of Glasshouse, Blocktagon, Gatwick, etc 😩 I'm tired of these lil separate houses.

  19. Yes! They need to bring those buildings back tbh

  20. I took a gander around those properties on google maps and domain the other night... woof the Glasshouse apartment designs did NOT age well!

  21. I need Candiace to give the BH girls a master class!!!

  22. Last year the judges would have lost their minds over R&R’s house. Complaining that the to-the-ceiling cabinets were too high for Shayna was laughable as well. I’d much prefer to have storage that I use for serving dishes/long-term storage than to have cabinets like A&S that stop abruptly and dwarf the room. It’s called a stool, Darren.

  23. This comment doesn't make sense to me. Shaynna attempted to reach the first shelf of the uppers and could only reach a few inches into it. To-the-ceiling cabinets are fine, but if you can only reach a few inches into the FIRST shelf, that's an issue. The bottom of the uppers were above eye-level for both Neale and Darren, neither of which are short. It is a major functionality issue.

  24. Without Ripping out half the city around the intersection, I would try converting it to a SPUI and see if that helps. 1 traffic light versus two. You could also consider changing it into a roundabout service interchange, which would be free-flowing.

  25. A must have mod: Build with collision. Allows you to construct things the game wouldn’t normally allow

  26. missed opprtunity for 40th Street W D Station

  27. This would be very easily adaptable to tiles too 👀 At least rectangular ones

  28. A couple of thoughts, make sure the buildings requiring the goods are actually in the catchment area whether by train or truck. Go over the line path with the line overlay active, make sure it's not funky. Make sure all track is connected and electrified (if using electric trains). Make sure all stations are connected to the road. Is the city actually demanding the item? If it's low demand, I could see it taking forever for the factory to produce stuff for that line.

  29. What in the Revit hell is this. The worst thing about this floor plan is that it's so easy for it to NOT be like this.

  30. I don't think Erika knows what "dismissed without prejudice" means or she might not have said it like that was something good. Hasn't she described herself as "practically a lawyer"

  31. please and such a BASIC legal distinction too... she really thought she was doing something lmao

  32. The ability to have perpendicular station modules (T-shaped stations essentially) would be a total game changer

  33. I want more granular control over what happens and what goes where. I want to be able to split production outputs evenly or allow me to use output ratios on factories (where town 1 needs 200 conmat, town 2 needs 50, and town 3 needs 120 then the ratio would be 2:0.5:1.2).

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