1. I don’t remember the exact details, but I think a few swifties stole either a scrabble board game or Taylor’s score cards, or pieces from a scrabble board game.

  2. Yes you’re right I completely forgot about that! I can’t believe having the privilege to be invited by Taylor to then steal from her🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Fellow Venezuelan here. Sadly this is too common, especially for old-school family members. I have to deal with the same thing from my aunt. She thinks that anything she doesn’t like, I shouldn’t like it either. Anything that she thinks is best for me, I should agree and do it. Fuck that. I hope this mom doesn’t ruin Yeni’s last moments of her life.

  4. Have you tried the Always flexfoam? They’re not as bad as some of the other ones out there. They mould to your body and are a lot thinner but just as absorbent.

  5. These are the ones I use! They completely changed my life (not to sound dramatic) but they hold so much blood and now I don’t leak even of my heaviest days.

  6. Isn’t that her couch and the window behind it? She filmed these videos at night. Someone here posted a video of a previous era of Taylor on that same couch with the curtain behind her and I think she was playing the guitar? I’m trying to look for it but I can’t find it.

  7. Not sure. I’ve never had that happen before. You should ask customer service.

  8. OMG YES!!!! I love imposters I’m so sad it never got the love it deserved. If you love Imposters, there’s a similar show called Sneaky Pete.

  9. When the show first aired I was obsessed with Ross and Rachel, now that I’m wiser and older I would 10000% say Monica and Chandler. Rosschel is an incredibly toxic relationship.

  10. The photo has been making rounds forever. I have never watched a video of Tara’s case where the image is not used, and I believe the consensus is that the image is staged, as a joke/prank, not reflecting a real crime. I don’t understand what the big deal is. Wherever you read about her case you will see that image.

  11. Mines are: cowboy like me, tolerate it and coney island

  12. Seth takes care of himself, the dude on the left probably lives in a neckbeard nest and collects piss bottles.

  13. I feel like 99% of the time the cosrx is like $25 on Amazon, which is kinda expensive, so I’m also following this. Where else are people getting it aside from the Asian sites that take forever to ship?

  14. I know the fandom is pretty split on this one, but I LOVE Look What You Made Me Do.

  15. Whatever happened to him? He always seemed like a put together dad that was always present and supportive…He is acting unhinged now.

  16. The finger countdown theory holds up, she’s got a zero here. But nothing happened? 🤔

  17. There was a TikTok account that got taken down that said she was going to announce Track 2 and that Track 2 was going to be the first single. She might announce it as a single next week, maybe? Or maybe the first single will come out with album release but this is the first single.

  18. That possibly fake TikTok account that was releasing info about the tracks, got taken down. Funny enough, they mentioned Track 2 is the first single, and that’s the track name that was released tonight.

  19. And the countdown she makes with her fingers at every end of episode today was 0!!

  20. YESSSS I think we can safely remove our clown makeup, we might be up to something

  21. I think her real name is Trina, or something like that. Taylor has mentioned her real name.

  22. I’m sorry I don’t have a link. Maybe another person here does. I don’t remember the video.

  23. No fucking way that’s her…she was actually pretty

  24. I think I would do a coffee shop, that looks cozy, maybe like

  25. It was definitely very quick. Seeing that Justin recently came out saying he thought marriage would solve his problems & realizing it didn’t definitely has something to do with it. This man is so damaged mentally & emotionally & he had basically nobody there for him, his parents abandoned him & used him for money since that’s the only way he could get their love, his team didn’t care that he was suicidal & had addiction issues, etc. ever since he was a teenager he talked about how he wanted to be married & have kids & im pretty sure in Seasons he said that he wanted that because he didn’t have that growing up, so he definitely thought that he just needed to get married & have kids & he would be fixed & he wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Now that he’s noticed that that’s not the case, I hope he is able to process his trauma in a healthy way. I know when they were living in nyc he would go to the same building for therapy as me so i hope he’s still getting that help that he needs to get to the root of his issues.

  26. Wow so Justin didn’t make Hailey sign a prenup? 🥴

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