1. Whatever you do, don’t bring him to West Side Cat Sanctuary. A woman named Jamie with mental health problems is hoarding 60+ cats in a filthy building with its ceiling caving in, she has more cats than she can care for or count. This handsome fellow will be safer somewhere like 10 Lives Club or Purrfect Pet Adoption.

  2. Whoa really. I know of the rescue but didn't realize that was the situation

  3. It’s a sad and disturbing situation unfortunately. Please do not bring any animals to her, she runs it out of her own decrepit home which is covered inside with feces, urine and is falling apart, it’s really no different than a hoarding situation SPCA would typically rescue animals from.

  4. That's so sad. I considered fostering for them but I've just been too busy. That's really unfortunate. I wondered where she kept the cats if they didn't have a shelter space ugh.

  5. Following from Washington State. I can't recall a press conference where I've seen so many elected officials be so obviously angry. It is clear the community is close knit and this has devastated them, that an outsider could do this.

  6. We are known as the city of good neighbors so I know the local response to helping victim's families and the neighborhood will be big. But OP is right, this is a heavily segregated city with our own racism issues to face.

  7. Autobahn North is so god damn good. Their chicken fingers and wings are top tier.

  8. Thanks for the rec! Frank's hot dogs have chicken fingers as a special sometimes and those are my gold standard but trying to branch out haha

  9. Everyone else has answered so well, but I just wanted to add a few things. The person saying to learn to drive is probably right. Our public transportation isn't great. Biking has become more popular but drivers are so inconsiderate it scares me in certain areas. Depending on where you end up though, you might be able to bike safely and easily.

  10. Papi Grande's has some of the worst Mexican food in WNY. I can't believe they're still in business let alone building another restaurant.

  11. It perplexes me as well. Who's eating there??

  12. I live on the next street over. Very rarely do I hear music or something coming from Allen so I'd be surprised if it's that much different. I was actually shocked at the noise level, I expected the worst

  13. I will forever associate this place with losing a Buffalo Eats best chicken sandwich contest and the baby fit they threw after. They accused Mister Sizzles of cheating for the final round 😆

  14. Houses of ill-fame you say? Sign me up

  15. I wouldn't care but I witnessed a bunch of them driving down the middle of Niagara st. Whatever drive illegally like an asshole, but not in a pedestrian heavy area you morons.

  16. Look into saving up and taking him to Fan Expo sometime- incredible event. Nickel city is great for what they've started but I was blown away by going to Toronto.

  17. I swear the only reason I don't see rats around my place is our loyal outdoor cat. House nextdoor to me has basically been abandoned with stuff everywhere and doesn't seem like the city cares. I feel for you!!

  18. Essex pub, goodbar, mcgarrets, nietzsche's. those are some of my go to spots for solo drinking (or with friends). Almost always run into friendly people to chat it up with. I know there are a lot of other places too; these are just limited to where I tend to walk to, to avoid having to drive. Have fun / enjoy!

  19. Nietzsche's was gonna be my rec. Never felt weird being there alone

  20. The "floor" that is provided is the key to this house staying erect. Unfortunately the footprint of the floor does not match the house and the house just collapses easily. I'm disappointed because I was looking forward to picking this up.

  21. Does the floor mat part not stay flat? I have one of these from maybe a year and a half ago and have tried a billion things to keep it's shape because my cat loves it.

  22. Really, if you think this is bad, try dealing with the thruway authority when they bill you for spurious tolls that involve fuzzy pictures of vehicles you clearly do not own or operate, and in areas over 300 miles away from where I live and do not visit. Try getting someone on the phone to clear that up… it took a couple months for me writing a few letters for them to quit sending me bills. I can only assume it’s resolved at this point, but I really am not 100% sure

  23. Haha same here. An old license plate number I used to have is what got me. Perfect system, no notes.

  24. Maybe someone from this group has one! Do you have transportation to pick one up? I think Cat by Cat Rescue and West Side rescue do trap and release and they might lend them out

  25. I did message one of the admins for the Missing cat Facebook group to see if she knew anyone who lends them out too- she's incredible at keeping track of everything in that group so hopefully she responds soon!

  26. another place on my list of restaurants to try that closed before I got the chance :( that really sucks

  27. They still have some dinner reservations available online!

  28. This one hurts. They were always booked so this was a surprise! They have some late dinner reservations still available online if anyone is trying for one last visit

  29. I love them all! I just want to say that the ceremony last night was amazing. About to get tickets to RJs last game

  30. This is such a tough call because it'd be cool to be there to see him in the box, but you can't hear him then.

  31. I've watched games at Allen Burger Venture and they turned the sound on for us. Maybe call ahead?

  32. Big Ditch posted they'll be playing the ceremony with sound at least. Idk about the game though

  33. As far as white people making chai, I really like Public Espresso's. They sell their concentrate too. Curious to hear other people's recommendations too though!

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