1. I don't think anyone pays attention to who parks or lives anywhere honestly. I certainly don't

  2. Lol we got half as much snow on the west side and they haven't even properly cleaned anything here

  3. My cat, Chai, got out before the storm and never came home. If anyone sees him, please contact me at

  4. I'd call the Buffalo animal shelter or stop in. Someone may have brought him in. I'd post on nextdoor if I were you too

  5. I guess I should be grateful that they did a strip down the middle of my one way street. No one's been parked illegally and they've had plenty of time to clean up the sides but apparently that's asking too much

  6. Keep in mind that many that will be suggested here are not necessarily “chocolatiers” - they typically buy chocolate in bulk from the main chocolate manufactures in the country and melt it down to create whatever they want.

  7. I feel stupid for never realizing this before

  8. I live in the city and not only am I struggling to reach to clear the top since it can't be brushed, I'm out of places to put it because the snow mounds keep burying my car more. I would never drive far like this but I legitimately have no idea what to do. I was hoping more would melt today 😭

  9. Agree. Sometimes I throw in 3 if it's something I love (candy cane chocolate covered jojo's I'm looking at you).. I live far and get one trip in a season..

  10. If there's an Aldi near you they have those cookies too!

  11. Do you think alternate side parking will be enforced tomorrow?? There's no where for any of us to reasonably move to..

  12. I just read parking enforcement is suspended for Lovejoy and South Buffalo for tomorrow but yeah I'm on the west side and the option is pray you find a spot with no car with 4 feet of snow from the plow to shovel out

  13. There's plenty to critique Byron Brown for, this isn't it. We have had between five to two feet of snow depending on the neighborhood over the course of a few days. We only have so many plows and drivers for hire in the market. If they were paid more, it might attract more workers but that's the limit of what his office can do to fight the weather.

  14. We had this exact issue last year. There's clearly a logistical problem. I would have completely understood why my street hasn't been touched because south buffalo got annihilated. But south buffalo is largely untouched too. Other cities known for snow handle this so much better and every damn year we get a big shrug from the mayor's office.

  15. You have no idea what people are dealing with. What if OP has had health issues?

  16. The city changed to an advisory yesterday. Back to ban this morning

  17. He said don’t expect to see a plow on side streets, they are focusing on the main roads. Brown is an idiot but cmon people.

  18. Yeah but why say oh it's the weekend? Essential workers still have to work, emergency services still need to get to these side streets. Just a moronic out of touch response from him like always

  19. The tweet made it clear they were paraphrasing him and he said it’s the weekend, stay home, implying that since it’s the weekend most people don’t have to go to work, most people don’t have to be out on the roads. It was reenforcing the idea that the less cars on the roads the easier it is for the crews to work and keep the main arteries clear which then allows them to get to the side streets soon. This is not rocket science.

  20. Yeah I too can read and also know the city has a travel ban. That's why I said ignoring the fact that emergency workers would like to get to and from work and if there's a fire at my house I'd like firefighters to get here. This is the first thing he's said and it's dumb. That's all we're saying here.

  21. Yes! This would be the time to bring food/snacks too if you can. I have a family full of nurses ❤️

  22. Nope. Moved from South Buffalo to Tonawanda just to get away from that nonsense. The services the town provides and how on top they are with them, compared to how the City handles them are worth every penny in my tax bill.

  23. LOL literally exactly me. Same towns and everything

  24. I literally moved northwards after snowvember. I want nothing to do with this fuckery

  25. And how very little of our tax dollars actually go to welfare lol

  26. Has there been any word on winter alternate side parking on non bus routes (i.e. Richmond Ave)?

  27. They'll never change that, it's easy money for them

  28. Don’t put offensive players in front of the net, allow opposing offensive players to be in front of the net = loss

  29. Yes! No one there for the rebounds. So frustrating

  30. I know Britt probably/maybe has a bf but if my significant other looked at someone like they look at each other that relationship would be over so fast 😆

  31. Why does everyone here hate winter??? I for one am thrilled about this development

  32. The winter is fine and all until you have to go anywhere. Especially living in the city where no one shovels their sidewalks and the streets barely see plows. I've got nowhere to be this week at least but I know how annoying it can be

  33. The 100 levels were filled with Boston fans. Lots of Sabres fans otherwise

  34. Wtf...it sounds like maybe they need to go takeout only. I haven't been in awhile but I used to really like their food. This is just bizarre

  35. The one on porter Ave, there's always an attendant and I was genuinely surprised by how clean they keep it. Sometimes it gets crowded and I'll drive the extra bit to Top shelf laundromat on eggert in Tonawanda. Pretty quiet there on weekdays and you can use an app to pay for everything so you don't have to deal with quarters

  36. Also crowds have been low but ticket prices remain high.

  37. Yup. I'm not paying $50 for a 300 level seat for a weekday game

  38. Have people brought TV's to this? My friend thinks he knows what's wrong but can't fix it on his own

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