1. I feel like they're trying to emulate GetBaked badly and it's backfiring

  2. All those factories still rocking cnc machines that run on floppy disks are going to shit themselves

  3. It's literally against Google's terms of service to send their analytics servers any personally identifiable information. The entire system is built on anonymity. That said, it is technically possible for Google to tie your clientID back to an email address, but at least for customer facing systems like Google's Enhanced Conversions and Customer Match systems, this requires hashing which anonymises the data / requires a minimum audience size to ensure anonymity.

  4. You're right, but people here don't want to hear it. I remember trying to explain that Facebook didn't sell data to Cambridge Analytica in this sub and was downvoted to hell even though I provided sources.

  5. she isn’t alone in her classroom & I do appreciate the heads up.

  6. This comment makes me scared of what child you're going to raise

  7. Making it sound!! Well it’s not up to me how you understood that. And you’re wrong, directly connecting sexual orientations with prosperity is nothing but a farce. Like fr all this fuss we’re seeing today didn’t exist a decade ago, yet people and countries didn’t have anything to do with what people desire or what not. Again, I didn’t deny the existence of homosexuals, I refuse ideologies being forced no matter what.

  8. You're forcing your religious ideology about homosexuals onto them...

  9. I had to come out of the woodwork to comment on this, because I seriously need to ask... Did you watch the same trial? I want to see the statistics surrounding male and female abuse in relationships, because it's much more common than you make it out to be. As a male victim, the trial resonated with me because I dealt with similar problems with my ex. She was abusive. Amber Heard was found to be "at fault" by a jury of her peers, including several women on the jury.

  10. Myopic is right, I'm tired of people treating everything as a my team vs the other team like it's a spectator sport. This is how we got Trump and people here should definately try to be better than Trump supporters.

  11. She's only allowing handles she follows to reply which makes sense. What's weird is that all of the profiles that have been permitted to reply have also set it so only handles they follow can reply.

  12. what's the logic of that statement? is an incel supposed to be monastic in their purity? so is incel supposed to be an insult or a term of praise now? Be consistent please.

  13. How are people upvoting this word vomit? its like a dyslexic child with a battered old thesorus wrote this. You don't know what "monastic" means, nor does your argument make sense.

  14. I'm such an idiot so I really need you to explain in small, simple words what you meant in your previous comment. Thank you

  15. Why would people downvote learning something?

  16. You don't see the irony here do you?

  17. Stop it. Logic and reason has no place here!

  18. This community is honestly the worst for being passionately wrong about everything.

  19. I walked out of the movie. Huge waste of money. No/rushed plot, very anticlimactic and just plain boring. Lots of random shit thrown together and called a movie. It had all the right things however to be a good movie but failed miserably with not character development from anyone. Very disappointed especially cause the lighthouse and witch where so good.

  20. I don't get why people always talk about character development as if it's a prerequisite for a good story.

  21. Because they think whatever Reddit tells them to think. All they know is "worldbuilding", "character development", and "show, don't tell".

  22. There’s no such thing as safe bed sharing.

  23. Of course there's safe bed sharing.

  24. I'm curious what happened in the case(s) you're remembering?

  25. I know a turkey flog can break someone's arm. And if a turkey can flog a person and break bones, then I'm sure a swan can as well

  26. Christ. Why not Google it instead of talking shit?

  27. How about take my explanation and shove it up your ass and out your mouth... since you want to be an ASS for no reason

  28. You had a chance to remove a wives tale from your brain and instead went "hey I heard this other wives tale so this wives tale must be legit".

  29. Well I wasn’t expecting that response but it’s welcomed. ☺️

  30. Hey the way I see it is that I'm anonymous so why wouldn't I show vulnerability? Fuck that actually, why wouldn't I apologise in real life if I said something that was actually intended to hurt someone else's feelings?

  31. Got 2 years as a skate guard. 4 years as a lifeguard and 4.5 as a swim instructor. 2 as an EMT. Not to mention 10 years as a bartender so I’ve pretty much met the spectrum of what the world has to offer. Oh, and I trained with beach guards on Assateague Island. I’m about to except a contact for the NG next week at the ripe ole age of 35. 👴

  32. Edit:sorry I'm being a bit harsh, I haven't slept thanks to my baby and I shouldn't be such a cunt

  33. No sir you are wrong. It doesn't work that way. If you take out the emotion and think from a physical point of view then a cut one would just feel better. The skin would still allow more movement within itself than a cut one. They smell better also. And no I don't agree with circumcision, but what I said is true.

  34. I’m starting to think you know absolutely nothing about anything. You seem to think something is true simply because you’ve said it. You gave no reason for why it would feel better cut than just stating, “we’ll just think about it like I happen to think about it.”

  35. He's a conspiracy nut so I don't think he's operating on a level of sound logic or a basic drive to uncover empirical evidence

  36. The irony of people bemoaning Facebook for propagating misinformation, while peddling misinformation about Facebook is beyond my comprehension.

  37. Fair enough. I am open to proof that Facebook is not wildly irresponsible.

  38. Tbf the onus is on you to prove wrong doing. I'll jump in once you present your case.

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