1. 100% yes, they have been super helpful for me and I've only joined Feb this year.

  2. ur right it is harder to get guns but it also means it’s harder for criminals to get them as well. if everyone has guns (like the us) all your doing is fight guns with guns, which means you have no upper hand over the criminal and the stakes are way higher (you might die).

  3. shopmate make very high quality grinders. can be expensive for beginner tho

  4. i’m level 20 moonshiner and this has never happened. i’m lucky ig

  5. I like stopping just up the road from them and getting out of the wagon putting a small amount of distance between me and the moonshine then using a powerful rifle on the agents, takes like 30 seconds then you can be on your way with moonshine bottles in tact.

  6. Could be wrought iron, in which case it’s not a spring. Nobody in their right mind would make a leaf spring out of anything but spring steel. Maybe it’s a massive hinge part or something.

  7. it very well isn’t a spring. that was my initial thought as it was sitting with them and looked similar

  8. I'm not op, and I know about the spark test cuz I used to weld, but I would assume sending it to a lab would be the best bet unless of course I wanted to take some metallurgy classes, which is not going to happen anytime soon.

  9. the spark test is very red and longish sparks that don’t really terminate

  10. looks good. what sort of wedge is used for securing them?

  11. Learn to do it freehand. After a while, muscle memory will take over and you'll have perfect grind lines.

  12. yeh there getting better every knife. still not great tho

  13. I always use a jig to start my bevels… I get them about half to 3/4 done and switch to freehand… after heat treat, nothing but freehand so I can feel the heat in the steel.

  14. how did you get the handle finish like that?

  15. Also, sorry forgot to comment on your knife, which looks stunning!

  16. yeh heard people rave about hot fitting tangs like heating up tang and burning into wood

  17. Once I bought a really good forge that came with a quality liner, it was a non issue. I had a ‘devils forge’ of something like that, when I started. Nothing fancy just a forge from eBay. You will know if you have any bad areas because you’ll see the discoloration on the outside. Or you’ll see a hot spot from the outside. I always use soft heat bricks on the bottom to help that from cracking or getting too ripped up. If you use any borax flux, be careful, because it destroys your liner pretty quick.

  18. tell me more about this NC tool forge and i looked them up and not sure what’s special about them?

  19. Just a higher quality forge with a out of the box more rigid liner material. The also sell replacement liner kits so maintenance is less of a concern. The original liner lasted close to 3 years for me.

  20. yeh that sounds sick. i have a forge i built (gas cylinder with kaowool inside and refractory cement covering it) which gets hot enough but the refractory is also cracking. i replaced it once but cracked again after a few weeks. do you know of any other options?

  21. Saw some YouTube videos show up upon my search too... I'd get some Coroseal on her & blacken her up...

  22. like rust converter? would be interested in ways to get it in better shape

  23. John Brooks Anvils of England... is about as far as I got... she's a beauty! Little jealousy coming out here...

  24. yeh i only noticed the writing when i hit it with a wire brush a couple of days ago

  25. Combat abrasives. Ceramic belts in the low grits for hogging off material. Ceramics last a considerable time longer than aluminum oxide. They also carry most other types of belts as well.

  26. combat abrasive seems to be an all round favourite

  27. I buy combat ceramics. Because I’m not sponsored and don’t get discounts but I make knives daily I have tested combat vs red label and I was able to get about 20% more done with combat belts so I will stick with them from now on. It’s no a substantial difference unless you’re running through multiple belts a day but I try to do all of my grinding at once so sometimes I run 8-10 hours straight with the grinder on multiple blades. That’s when I notice combat belts are substantially better and longer lasting than red label.

  28. yeh they make kraken and tsunamis just not on their main website due to legality issues

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