1. That one bottle is dark as hell. That driver gonna die soon

  2. What? Something as neon green as the fucking jello they'll be eating???

  3. I just got my dream home… was listed for 685k. Dropped to 670k. I offered 650k and they took it. I’m happy. Even got another 3k in seller credit…. So the market is turning.

  4. That’s awesome that you did that! Why is everyone mad that I lowballed and got the house 😂

  5. He’s getting downvoted because he provided no detail about his plan, and didn’t even tell us which state he’s in until asked. It’s just not a very useful post, but he’s presenting it like he deserves accolades.

  6. No it’s useful to show there are deals to be had when you look for it. That’s what the post was suppose to be.

  7. Personally I slam the door while flicking the agent off 🤣😉 just a simple thanks is enough.

  8. 175 river land drive w heber springs Arkansas 72543 is the address of the one that’s for sale

  9. Doesn’t seem like a bad investment for everything you get including the course.

  10. That’s what I was thinking. I was even thinking about just turning it into a subdivision or mountain bike trails who knows.

  11. Just got a drone this month and had a blast a Beaver Lake with it

  12. You mean smart. I am the one that just got a condo for 300k when it was listed for 940k

  13. Kinda but at the same time I wish commercial loan rates were better right now. Also some of the people around here have that much in cash that’s why I suggested it.

  14. Possible but your fellow owners might start building something on it like a pool. My recommendation is to make it into a preserve.

  15. They will likely continue until the prices fully cool off. They are this high to try and kick rookie investors out of the market and drive the prices back down.

  16. You can be upside down when your government jobs are downsized or outsourced to a vendor. You weren't a cash buyer so you are already out the interest when you sell your home if you lose your job. The market will cool off and your house will not be worth what you put in it. Lets say it's 200k and needs to be fixed up. Investors will offer 100k meaning you lost a lot of money. Even if the house sells in perfect condition you can still expect in the mid 150 k range when the market cools which means you lost money.

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