GameStop in my town has never changed from their HALO 3 full window display.

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  1. Is there a subreddit or thread for people trying to play together here on

  2. Fort Mill, South Carolina actually. I guess it is a very common thing.

  3. is this the game stop next to the Tega Cay wal mart?

  4. Yes! Paperwork said “Hound” but we don’t know much else

  5. I'm a little biased because I loved Sonic as a kid, but Sonic the Hedgehog 3! If I'm not mistaken Michael Jackson had a part in creating the music. 8-bit groovy goodness

  6. Any sort of exercise, but specifically running. Even if its just for 20 minutes, doing something healthy and productive for your body snowballs into healthy and productive decisions in other areas of your life.

  7. Man I just can't keep up with these new Marlboro flavors

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