1. I love how small boobs are not confined to one aesthetic, you can be grunge/sexy/cute/etc

  2. Basically bicolano mami. Broth is made of pig/cow brain.

  3. I miss this brunette + eyeliner era but overall Carly doesn't seem to age!

  4. Why do you think this is the case? I'm not a part of the sub so I'm curious...

  5. Unrelated to the sub but your skin is so perfect??? Sis...

  6. This should be a trend where people recreate the cover with the pets they have

  7. No please, purging is too inefficient. I suggest cannibalism.

  8. Side B is more consistently good and if I were to listen to a whole album through I'd pick side B, but Side A's best songs are better.

  9. Agree, like side b seems packaged as an album better but side a has the bangers

  10. It was surreal. I still don’t believe it. I was hunting down a pic (or video) of this moment since the tour. Some great people on this sub and twitter gave me whatever they had but I’m in awe that she posted this and it’s perfect.

  11. Oki I will! Thank u! Ano rin pala lotion mo? Itodo ko na haha. Lately lang ako nag start maglagay ng lotion everywhere.

  12. There is nothing I like about this.

  13. I love what they are doing with the song releases via seashells, brings me back to all the band scene shenanigans back in the day

  14. Why should they be banned? I don’t agree with their ideology but they should be allowed a platform like everyone else.

  15. I agree. Looking forward to the content they can provide this sub haha

  16. I kinda see why Carly could easily be a fan fave pop artist in Japan

  17. STICKERS (and washi tapes) is a way I add some fun to my basic spread since I don't want to effort drawing and coloring.

  18. Naruto is the same a lot of flat chested jokes 🙄

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