1. I've given up on my 820A. It might be that my angle is too extreme. I've tried everything. I've disabled notifications and will just check the recordings when I need to.

  2. Give up with what, reliable motion detection?

  3. IMO, the most important thing to do is to just turn off "Any Motion" in your alert settings, and have only person/vehicle/pet enabled. Like

  4. Unfortunately, unless I have done something wrong, it would appear that general motion sensitivity and smart person section are linked. If I set Motion Sensitivity to 1 (lowest setting), it barely detects a person even if the person detect is set to a high sensitivity setting.

  5. Yeah, it does. It shows your firmware is about a year out of date. Go to their download center and get the latest firmware for your version (which is only about 10 days old) and I bet it will fix your issue.

  6. Ok, for some reason the NVR tells me it’s the latest version when I check using that.

  7. Yeah, the built-in upgrade check has never worked. I wish they'd just remove it from the app. You have to manually go to the download center on their website.

  8. Thanks again for your help. The firmware upgrade via usb did fix it.

  9. Police Mutual insurance is good and didn’t cost an arm and a leg

  10. I have consistently found cheaper deals than PM. Used to be good but I don’t rate them at all since they got bought out a few years back.

  11. Because a scrap dealer isn't going to claim on their insurance. They'll just nick a spare part and stick it on.

  12. A colleague who used to work in insurance said it’s based simply on the ratio of claims made by each profession. So it’s not obvious why the rankings are the way they are, as it tends to be correlation rather than causation. And things like areas lived in and mileage a more important than job.

  13. Mesh networks are what you do if you can’t run cable. They’re a distress purchase.

  14. I agree wired back haul is the way, that’s have I have though my whole house (I also have Omar’s stuff, mainly for solid dual wan). But some mesh systems are unbelievably good now, with dedicated backhaul channels. It may have been a ‘distress purchase’ a few years ago, but not now.

  15. Gutted about the doorbell. Was hoping for great things, but they really seem to have hobbled it. Roll on version 2…

  16. What drugs do the roadside tests test for these days? Still just cannabis and cocaine?

  17. Cultures vary. First force I worked for was very much like this. You couldn’t even walk into the CID office in uniform. I transferred to another force, which has its own faults, but the culture and attitude you described far less prevalent

  18. It's possibly because the offence of stalking has become massively diluted in its seriousness due to the rules around it and domestic.

  19. Exactly the conversation I was having earlier today. NCRS have a role to play in this, by making every minor domestic ‘harassment’ be recorded as stalking, they can have the effect of drowning the genuine stalking cases.

  20. Can these be wired to existing doorbell wiring, or battery only?

  21. Thanks. Also can you say if it uses existing doorbell chimes, or only it’s own?

  22. This is literally what Mesh systems were designed for. Get a decent mesh system.

  23. Asus IA mesh setup, consisting of an AX88U and 2 XD’s (wired back haul). 100 clients.

  24. Yeah, that's one of the drawbacks to the standard 810A. They do have a 2.8mm version with a higher field of view:

  25. Thanks. I’m probably going to go with the 842’s.

  26. Do note that the 842A is a dome camera and needs to be mounted with the transparent dome facing downwards. Otherwise the water will stay on the transparent part and obstruct your view at night. Reolink sells

  27. Yes, good point. They will be very exposed to the elements. Back to the drawing board, I’m starting to think that Reolink might not have a solution for me.

  28. Sorry I know this is an old post but I am making these decisions now. One quick question if you don't mind - you said:

  29. I have a mixture of both, about 50/50. No difference.

  30. You need a new door before thinking about a new lock.

  31. The smaller one just contains a magnet. It's already waterproof :)

  32. ‘My house was sitting at 85% humidity and clothing was taking an age to dry’.

  33. Not IMO. I really would like to see a decent dedicated mop with newer features like auto mop cleaning, mop head agitation and LiDAR.

  34. I found a solution that works more or less. Here's what I did:

  35. Are you able to use motion detection in HomeKit?

  36. Does anyone here use anything like Scrypted or Homebridge? I have ordered a POE kit with RLK8-810B4-A cameras, having read about being able to add Relink POE RTSP streams to HomeKit via various plugins options. However what issues does using ‘K’ versions connected directly to the NVR present, if any?

  37. Interesting. I won’t be buying a Reolink doorbell for this exact reason, it’s a crazy design decision by Reolink.

  38. The kit cameras don't have UID so you need to have the NVR to have them be accessible outside of your LAN.

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