1. Younger sister here in this exact situation. I’m with you. This is terrible. It almost dulls what my ex did to me in comparison to the toxicity of my sister. I was able to move out on my own, but I’d suggest staying with trusted friends for as long as you can until you can support yourself. Our sisters have no place making our lives hell, when our relationships are difficult enough on their own.

  2. Right! Me and my sister are good now. She came up to me and we talked everything out. Way better relationship between us now!

  3. I’m sorry but you probably won’t get it back. I’ve been there before, it feels like you have been used. Just be careful next time who you leans money too from now on.

  4. Just block her and move on. Nothing good will come of out this.

  5. People just don’t really have the patience nowadays anymore. I’m one of them. That’s why I’m pretty much always single. I try and try to make the relationship work but if I see the other person isnt making an effort or giving bare minimum, I end it but lately I’ve been just saying to myself “ehh this isn’t really going anywhere “ & I just ghost the guy

  6. Sounds like he had another chick in the house and you’re getting cheated on. He got so angry you came to his house because he wasn’t trying to get caught doing whatever it was he was doing! Glad you ended it!

  7. Nope, he cheated on me and had sex with me and another girl @ the same time. He of course lied about it. I told the other chick he was dealing with me and also sent her video proof that we had sex. He still denied ever being with me or sleeping with me even when I had text message threads,video proof and everything.

  8. You are not the scapegoat. You would have known a lot sooner if you were. Scapegoats tend to be blamed for everything wrong in the world. If the golden child is a drug addict it is somehow the scapegoats fault. If the scapegoat gets a promotion, it's because the golden child supported them.

  9. Okay thanks for your input! I literally google everything. My dad is most likely a narcissist as well. Yep, you’re correct there. Always wanted me and my siblings to go above and beyond for him while he gives bare minimum. For example: our birthdays (my dad wouldn’t celebrate it if it was my bday or one of my siblings or get me any gifts not that I’m materialistic, but he would act as if our bday is an ordinary day) but when it’s his birthday, he wants us to buy him a gift and make him feel special. It’s sickening tbh

  10. That sounds like a very horrible way to grow up. *Virtual Hug* life gets better in the new chapters of life!

  11. Thanks so much for hearing me out! My sister finally talked to me today and explained her actions so I feel a lot better now!

  12. Flies, roaches, ants. Any kind of pests. They serve no purpose.

  13. You don’t. Don’t see why you would want to anyways. You will lose your mind trying to figure them out. It’s a waste of time. The gaslighting and walking on eggshells is not even worth it.

  14. Yes. When I said, the grass isn’t greener on the other side” that’s what I mean. It means he went out and tried dating other people but it didn’t work it. Doesn’t matter. If he saw something about you that he really enjoyed, they return. My ex recently came back to me not once but twice. I’m not sure if I want him back or not but he reached out to me both times and guess what, I broke up with him! So it happens!

  15. I bet you felt great! How long were you broken up before ur ex came back to you? It’s been a year now and he’s started dating someone else

  16. He’s came back in and out of my life twice now. The first time was the middle of June. He started following me on Instagram. Then in July, he texted me but he just ghosted me and unfollowed me. I didn’t care tho. He came back to me on Monday. He played dumb and asked me why I unfollowed him when it was indeed the other way around. He assumed that I unfollowed him because he left me on read but little does he know, I’m not emotionally invested in him anymore so him not replying has no effect on me.

  17. Already done 💀 there’s nothing that would come out of this. He just wants validation

  18. I look at replying with a “k” or leaving someone on seen as childish and a personal ego seeking type of behaviour.

  19. I agree, I just decided me saying “k” isn’t worth it and it’s petty. He’s not worth it to even say anything else

  20. It's either a screw on kind where the jewel is or the push top kind. Both would be undone from the jewel area. Then you pull the labret out from the inside carefully.

  21. It’s a flat back nose stud. I looked on YouTube and I tried to twist it out and then another video said to pull the jewelry apart but I just irritated it even more and made the bump more irritated. I think I’m going to head to the piercing shop today later on and ask the piercer what I can do about this? It went down a lot since I sized down 3 weeks ago but this damn bump won’t never completely go away. I don’t necessarily want to remove it either but it’s been here for about 3 months!

  22. vxd says:

    Traffic isn't that bad here

  23. People think we ride on horses n shit to get around 😂😂 we don’t

  24. I tell them “ok but you don’t know my mother so you don’t truly understand how she is.” Haven’t been told this is In years because I only vent about her to my very close friends. They understand me and never diminishes my feelings.

  25. When I moved out of my parent’s house at 19, they constantly told me that I would never make it out in the real word without them. I lasted in that apartment for about 6 months.

  26. You shouldn't need to EARN respect from anyone. If you're a respectable person, people will respect you. If not, they're the asshole.

  27. Exactly! Why did it take me moving out from them to learn to respect me?? That’s honestly sad that I would even have to go to that extent just to earn some respect. What’s ironic is those 6-7 months that I was out living on my own away from them, my dad constantly called me (my mom never really reached out and when I would try to call her she wouldn’t answer) anyways he would always call me and invite me over for dinner.

  28. No offense but your mother sounds narcissistic. Very narcissistic at that. Growing up in a similar household, you have to stand up to your mother and put her in a her place. You’re 23 and you’re more than old enough to make your own decisions. I’m not saying to lash out at her and swear at her but tell her to back off and let you learn from your mistakes.

  29. They think doing the bare minimum is everything. You’re the parent. You’re SUPPOSED to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. When y’all decided to have sex and make a baby, that’s what the responsibility of a parent is💀

  30. Sounds like he’s either depressed or extremely miserable. He’s going to drive you crazy. Voice how you feel and see if he can change and if not, I would let this one go. Not worth it to walk on eggshells with him.

  31. Ok but saying “you’re pretty for a black girl.” Is still very racist. You can have a preference but to go bashing other people is not cool

  32. I’m a black girl and I had this one guy tell me that. I got very offended and told him that saying that isn’t actually a compliment. It’s an insult. “I usually don’t like black girls but you’re really pretty.” Ok why can’t people just say “You’re pretty.” All that “you’re pretty cute for a black girl.” Makes the person sound ignorant and it’s just uncalled for. It’s also racist. What’s even crazier is the person who told me this was black himself like Wtf is wrong with ppl?? Btw you need a new boyfriend. This one’s time is up 🤮

  33. people that don’t clean up after themselves

  34. Who do you know that’s obsessed about pet peeves? 😂😂

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