One Piece: Chapter 1079

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. Daily bugrock moments. Then players say "Yeah it happens but I still like bedrock more" or "played for 5 years, never happened to me".

  2. No thanks. Just fund the translations of LNs quicker and confirm the adaption of future arcs as soon as they're done.

  3. Bruh I played alone for more than 100hours on a friend's server cuz everyone got bored then friend host pc crashed or something. It was as if I was playing single player.

  4. well these guys been doin this for the past year on two other servers and its getting kinda frusting tbh

  5. Get other people. Play on another server idk. Play another game meanwhile

  6. All that fancy stuff for nothing. You could just play it meanwhile instead

  7. Leaked but also something is getting hyped up by official accounts for this weekend

  8. It's funny how we might end up getting a season 3 first before they even announce a Subaru standalone figure. Anyone else find it fucking stupid that there's like 200 Rem figures, 100 Ram figures, 100 Emilia figures, 50 Echidna figures, 50 Beatrice figures (just an estimate), and LITERALLY ZERO FUCKING SUBARU FIGURES? (Nendoroids dont count) The character who gets the MOST character development and is the main character of the series.

  9. It's was quite outdated and lack so much stuff but shit was smooth

  10. Just Barto, since his barrier is unbreakable

  11. It's totally watchable for anime only. As someone who played tho, it's feels weird not being in control of the situation.

  12. I am waiting for the fight between Boruto and Kawaki that was shown in the first episode.

  13. I thought they reached that point but i guess not xd. Holy shit tho. 200+eps. Biggest anime bait i saw

  14. Hold on Endermen can pick up 2block tall grass/fern now?

  15. He's going to get the One Piece, become the Pirate King, then Oda will end his saga with "end of prologue".

  16. Who's left to beat then become friends with tho?

  17. I'd probably be a classic and they re-airing it. Bruh in 50years tho, you're probably streaming 90% of the time, so if your kids are watching it, it's because they choose too

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