A question for those who watched The Matrix in 1999.

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  1. There was a study by UCLA funded by HD about this topic.

  2. I know, it's silly. I think maybe in some roundabout way they think I'm trying to be one of those people who say MSG is bad? Literally all I'm trying to do is see if I'm not the only one who thinks it tastes bad. There's a guy here saying he uses it in place of table salt and I can't imagine sprinkling dirt flavor on my steak.

  3. if you've ever added salt to your steak, you've made MSG

  4. LPT: flip the charcoal starter up side down.

  5. hmm. my Pixel 2XL already didn't have a headphone jack.

  6. how do you tell it's under rendered? I'm trying to learn.

  7. i remember reading that yolk cooks at lower temperature than white so it'll be difficult to get what you want with a long cook. the method that works best for me is steaming. get the steamer going then put in eggs straight from fridge. 6:45min works best for me. this method is consistent and quick as you only need a little bit of water and that water comes to boil quickly. I've also done it without a steamer. little bit of water in a covered pot and couple eggs on top of flipped plate.

  8. Hwy 2 is closed not far past Newcomb's Ranch. If you want to reach Wrightwood, take Hwy 2 to Angeles Forest Highway to Mt Emma Rd to Fort Tejon Rd to Valyermo Rd/Big Pine Hwy. I did the opposite of that on Wednesday and it was a good ride.

  9. For Matrix Reloaded, when Trinity ran nmap in shell to start the hacking attempt, all the nerds in the theater splooshed. I still get chills thinking about it!

  10. half of crashes are teen-40 about 20 yr range while other half are 40+ about 40 yr range. it seems to me 40+ is safer. same with 1000+ cc bikes. if you reverse the stats, it gives you a different perspective.

  11. So don't be above 40yrs old and avoid fixed objects. Got it.

  12. half of crashes are teen-40 about 20 yr range while other half are 40+ about 40 yr range. it seems to me 40+ is safer. same with 1000+ cc bikes. if you reverse the stats, it gives you a different perspective.

  13. ooru says:

    That would be a 600cc engine on a motorcycle. I'd say that's about mid-size for a bike. Small motorcycles are around the 250cc range.

  14. a ninja 300 is 39 hp. that's considered a small motorcycle in the US. a cbr 600 has about 100 hp.

  15. I get these flaps on all the bikes I've owned, 6 so far. I've been told that it's cause I throttle out hard on corner exits.

  16. Those folks all have poor suspension set up. A properly set up suspender with a properly aired and warmed tyre will not do this.

  17. on my SV650S I have a gsxr shock tuned by Dave Moss and it still does the feather. same with 996 with Ohlin shock, couple adv bikes and sports touring bike all have this with different tires and different tire pressures.

  18. you are correct. i actually looked into this. oils from your skin and eyelashes cause the greasy spots on your glasses. hot water and soap is the way to go.

  19. hot water can ruin some coatings. use lukewarm or cold water.

  20. I use Michelin Road 5s, they perform amazing in the wet, and more than good enough in the dry

  21. get road 4 and save some money if you don't have a need to ride in rain. I've had road 3/4 last over 10k miles.

  22. turn on file sharing on Linux or worst case setup ftp server on Linux.

  23. stick a couple small convex mirrors onto your current mirrors without increasing width of your bike. also i feel bar end mirrors are a bad idea because they make you look down and take your eyes off what's in front of you.

  24. your video doesn't upset me. the platform you chose does.

  25. how do you practice without using a thermometer? get it wrong and waste meat until you eventually get it right?

  26. Ride will be moved to Friday Feb. 18 due to rain and snow!!

  27. will be taking Big Pine Hwy north of Hwy 2

  28. Explicitly legal to ride motorcycles between lanes of cars at any speed within the speed limit.

  29. A few of us will be riding from Sunland to Wrightwood via the back roads of Angeles National Forest. There will be every kind of curves from sweepers to tight corners and fast straights.

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