1. It took Chase 5 months to forgive BLQ but forgave Mildew in 2 episodes

  2. Yeah and makes no sense; I would be way madder at a person that marries me and cheats on me with a friend of mine than one that didn’t send in a piece of paper.

  3. I usually FF thru the commercials but the show is so boring I find myself watching the commercials lately, like in a stupor

  4. Lol 😂; i have to rewatch todays episode tomorrow on Hulu cause I missed more than half the show-I see how much fast forwarding I’ll do- pretty sure if for anything it’ll be chase and willows scene.

  5. You were right 👎🏼 ; there was barely anything worth watching-fast forwarded-willow/chase, Dex/joss, Carly/Drew, most of sonny/Dante -only thing I really watched was valentin scenes.

  6. But why not she’s Carly she’s included in like every storyline somehow.

  7. https://giphy.com/gifs/1r91ZwKcE2J7WhUqrh

  8. He told her he was going to rewrite the Corinthos legacy, to which she replied. "Just make sure that you don't become the thing you hate"

  9. And again she told him not to keep stuff from her and that is what he is doing. 🤷‍♀️

  10. 🙄 it’s a 100% not the same ; no where does someone have to let everyone know their health. And you keep saying Michael said he was gonna rewrite the corinthos legacy or whatever but no where did he tell her what he was doing; if he did she wouldnt still be talking about him forgiving sonny. 🤷‍♀️

  11. Brenda stayed on the show-came back from college.

  12. Well, not all chemo drugs cause hair loss. I see it in about half of patients. But it’s a soap, and they always lose hair so not much of an effort was made on this storyline.

  13. In soap world she’s suppose to be stage 4 and told she only had weeks to go after doing her chemo and whatever else-they could of at least had her wear something on her head to hide like she lost some or all her hair-she doesn’t look sick or about to die-she acts like she’s a tiny bit weak or needs a nap.

  14. I heard today was terrible. She inserted herself into another storyline she has no business being in. 🙄 After last week, I just can't do it anymore. 🤷‍♂️

  15. Yep the writers could of had just drew but nope they had to have it include Carly.🤦🏼‍♀️👎🏼 and yeah nothing that great happened on the show today-not like any storyline ended or anything. Lol

  16. Could be a plane. If so, I almost have to think that the women we're seeing is someone that isn't currently on canvas, otherwise why put this photo out? It also may very well be the hair/nail salon.

  17. Yeah looks like plane and it’s probably someone like Holly.

  18. I don't see a plane or Felicia. Am I missing something?

  19. Plane yes bc it looks like seats on a plane and the thing that’s above them but the Felicia part no one knows-it’s a woman but it could be Holly or Carly or any woman on gh🤷‍♀️

  20. ohhh how is jax going to explain michael coming over to joss?

  21. She’ll run and hide in the bedroom. 🤷‍♀️

  22. damn really ??? i’m way out of touch with the news lol

  23. Yeah it’s not really news just something trump said he was gonna get arrested Tuesday and then maybe Wednesday-I guess we will see if a lot of his maga people will come out and protest-NY is already getting ready if they show up.🤷‍♀️

  24. They almost never do if it doesn't air live. If it's just the last five minutes or something, sure, but otherwise, I wouldn't bank on it. I think we missed the better part of a week during the Kavanaugh hearings.

  25. It’s usually if we get like half the show they’ll put it on Hulu and abc.com early.

  26. Yeah, I was being sarcastic, because she only remembers Donna when it's convenient.

  27. Middle age is based on the average age people live. So, the average life expectancy is 77 so middle age starts around 38.

  28. Disagree cause that’s not what I’ve read about middle age 🤷‍♀️✌🏼

  29. My only problem with Maxie is the writing; I see no problem of her staying on the show but they need to give her better storylines-it’s like after Peter there’s nothing for her.

  30. Agree ; I don’t get their comments about Esme. 🤦🏼‍♀️ they make no sense.

  31. I find their comments about Esme weird and do t make sense.

  32. I agree. When I found out that the 60th anniversary episode was going to be at the nurses ball, my eyes just rolled back into my head.

  33. Same ; hopefully exciting things happen during it.🤷‍♀️

  34. Not a fan of the performances but that's just me personally. Love the drama it brings, like when Nelle slit Brooklyn's throat.

  35. Same ; I’m not interested with what is happening on the stage (unless it’s Valentin playing the piano and singing) but what happens during or behind stage.

  36. Wait really? I didn’t know she knew. Did I miss that??

  37. She doesn’t know Dex works for Michael but she knows Michael is doing something to get back at sonny and she told sonny she’s not gonna stop him.

  38. Ohh ok I definitely missed that along the way!

  39. It was back around when Carly lost the metro court -they had the little meeting in her office there.

  40. I don't get the defending of any character when it's obvious they did something wrong, but especially Carly, she's so annoying!

  41. Yeah I don’t get the defending of what one person does but brings up what other people have done or doing and say it was wrong or whatever.

  42. And I will say - I missed the michelle stafford nina era - and I really don't like commenting on things I don't know/haven't seen because I think it's unfair. But I've pretty much watched this entire Nina vs Carly saga from when Nelle fell off the cliff (minus Sept- Dec of last year) - this woman has been put through the wringer. [again. NOT justifying the NF stuff at all]. but basically the last few years, she finally put names & faces to her unknown children, only to have one be a psycho killer who is dead, and one being completely unreasonable. [yes unreasonable - because the show has shown that they totally made up, and 98% of the issues that Willow has now weren't issues then].. if Carly had it her way she would be living in the same town with her child & two granchildren and have no idea they existed. Everyone hates her for not speaking up about Sonny. (which again. was wrong) but everyone literally continues to do the same thing to her and she's expected to just bend over and take it with a smile. I can't remember another character on a soap who is continually the whipping boy quite like Nina - outside of AJ.

  43. Oh I agree and yeah I don’t know anyone else that could be compared to Nina other than AJ. I just don’t get why the writers have to make it like this for Nina. I was a fan of Michelle but not after her leaving-I’m happy with Cynthia-wish people wouldn’t talk so much mess about her.

  44. Besides hoping Sharona is in the movie I hope Trudy’s parents are shown with their granddaughter.

  45. Five of the last six posts in this sub are about it, including one with the exact same photo.

  46. I hadn’t seen any of the other ones-just this one. I don’t go to the sub and go through the posts; I just stroll down my home page where I see posts from all the subs I joined.

  47. I also just scroll down my home page. Which featured five of these posts.

  48. I guess I follow enough other subs that I didn’t see them lol

  49. There’s also posts/comments about Michael/sonny/Dex 🤷‍♀️

  50. IMO, he is neither sexy nor appealing in any way. I hate the storyline because Joss is totally annoying and had they placed him with anybody else, he could have potential.

  51. Yeah I think he would be better with Kristina.

  52. Hopefully not dementia since they just did the mike story too close to the same

  53. It happened so fast I thought I missed something. 😂 Sonny went on about his day like Spencer had told him about the weather instead of this big news that had to stay secret the way Joss made it out to be.

  54. Spencer told Sonny that Joss broke up with Cam to be with Dex. All Sonny said was that it was Joss’s decision and to get along with Dex while he stays with them. Sonny then left out and that was it.

  55. Oh I thought you meant he saw them together lol 😂 yeah I said he wasn’t gonna be mad but not sure if I consider this him finding out when it was just Spencer telling him what he thinks happened with Joss/Cam/Dex. 🤷‍♀️

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