1. I've been hearing that spoiler for 3 weeks. Hurry up and do something ffs 😂😂😂

  2. Well just read the spoilers and it definitely sounds like the hook is getting someone and by the previews at the end of today it’s definitely gonna be them.

  3. They're gonna have a hooking with Esme locked up though? That goes against their plan of making us think she's the hook, though. Even though anyone with a dose of soap opera common sense knows she's too obvious lol

  4. Lol maybe Esme gets out again 🤷‍♀️

  5. It might be looking for something to grow onto like a moss pole or wood plank. Monstera usually attach themselves to trees in nature

  6. KT is great. I'm gonna miss her. The way the writing has been for Britt lately, I don't blame her for splitting.

  7. Personally, I would flip Marcus Coloma and Kelly Monaco, but that’s just me. I feel like Kelly Monaco has been given an unbelievable amount of material over the years and has yet to impress me once. Whereas Marcus is being hampered with inconsistent writing and a character with a rich history involving another actor, so I don’t feel people have given him enough credit. Respect for the in depth list!!!

  8. When she first came on/when she had actual good storylines she did act great-she did an amazing job when she gave birth to her daughter and she was stillborn. She can do it the writers just haven’t been giving her anything good to work with.

  9. I agree or am the same for not seeing Sonny as Michael’s father or the Claudia was responsible for him being shot.

  10. I want more characters to get the hook and I want them to actually die from it. Then I want Liz to be revealed as the hooker.

  11. By spoilers it sounds like someone is about to-not gonna say who lol 😂

  12. And Carly too, I think, so Drew will know soon. I wonder if TJ will tell Molly?

  13. She saw Willow faint not Nina and she only thinks it’s about her pregnancy not anything else.

  14. “Trina is comforted by Ava.” If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… therapist Ava is a gross misuse of MW’s talent and Ava’s screentime. We even had her spend more time comforting Britt than advancing her own plot. Fingers crossed Ava declaring war actually means some plot movement for her

  15. Hopefully something will start happening she’s suppose to visit Ryan again and maybe she’ll find nikolas hiding pregnant Esme.

  16. It also sounds like Drew’s giving bad news to Willow Meaning Carly intentionally fucks up his plan to find her real parents and this is definitely after she’s already knows that she has cancer, so how do you defend this bitch come on I want all her fucking fans to tell me how do you defend this bitch?

  17. Not a Carly fan but it hasn’t came out yet that Willow is sick.

  18. How was she not rude? Willow is none of her business and she had no reason to go there and berate and tell her what to do regarding Willow's relationships. They are not friends nor family. She knows damn well Willow doesn't care for her.

  19. She had a reason to go there-she told willow her reason. She wasn’t rude my opinion-she made sure Wiley wasn’t there; she talked nicely, and then willow snapped. 🤷‍♀️

  20. I like Nina and don't like Willow, but this last visit of Nina's was too much.She was told to drop dead by Willow so she pops over to her house! To help Sasha, okay--but she could have emailed, called, texted--I know this is a soap and people need to meet face to face but the Nina/Willow scenes are getting ridiculous.

  21. Your opinion -I see no problem with her going over for Sasha -maybe it was a last minute thing and that’s why she didn’t email or whatever-at least she knew to go when Wiley wasn’t there.🤷‍♀️

  22. Michael is a terrible son, but he is a good husband.

  23. Drew: We got a lead on willow’s parents

  24. Yeah lol 😂 that was so corny I knew after the kissing and what he said it was gonna be something about Willow’s parents.

  25. Sasha is like a daughter to Nina. Willow is supposedly one of Sasha's best friends. What is soooo terrible about Nina going there and trying to get Willow to help Sasha?? It's not like she went there to start shit about Wiley or throw cheating accusations at Willow. She has no idea (hell no one except Michael and her doctors do) the Weeping Willow is dying of Cancer. That whole scene was ridiculous and Willow overreacted. All she had to say was ok Nina I'll think about it (even if she didn't really have no intentions of going) and Nina would have most likely left.

  26. Yeah because Team Snarly are a bunch of saints and have never lied, cheated, or kept secrets or anything. Even as we speak, Snarly is hiding the second child of Nina's from her. So let's go to the scoreboard. That's one family member Nina hid of Snarly's to the two family members of Nina's that Snarly has hid.

  27. Well technically Carly has more points in that area but if it only for Nina then yeah 2. Lol

  28. Joss and Trina discussing their love lives. Yawn. And oh there's your hero, folks. Getting in even deeper by derailing Drew's investigation. 🙄

  29. Willow will probably just lie (yet again) and blame it on the pregnancy. Right before they all verbally assault Nina yet again. I could write this shit because it's the same shit that happens EVERY TIME!!!

  30. Yep that’s what I said when people talking about Carly finding out-that’s too early-willow will wake up before Nina calling 911.

  31. Her falling down the stairs in not related to he being hit by a car. She decided to wander around a hospital alone. That’s the hospital’s fault if anything.

  32. That’s your opinion; MY OPINION IT WAS-Why the hell else was she there to begin with?!🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  33. Because Andrew hit her with his car. That’s literally it.

  34. Oh my god 🙄your opinion on the storyline/character NOT MINE.

  35. Sort of like Willow and Carly going to Nina's hotel on a semi-regular basis. That makes no sense if they are all supposedly avoiding each other.

  36. If she knew why, she would come clean. She's only trying to protect Willow

  37. Yeah you’d think she would have wanted to be a dr even an oncologist after Oscar-that would have made more sense.

  38. Yeah cause judging from today's (thursday) previews, we're bk to the same old same old with all the unlikable characters 👎

  39. Oh yeah I got that feeling when we are again see willow and Nina together and Dex and Michael. 👎🏼🤦🏼‍♀️

  40. •joss/Dex-no •Michael/willow-no •chase/Sasha-why not 🤷‍♀️ •Brooklyn/Cody-no •Maxie/Dante-no •Sam/Drew-sure •Portia/ Curtis-no ready for them to break up at their wedding •Austin/Ava-no •Liz/nikolas-no •finn/Nina-no •sonny/Carly-lol no 🤦🏼‍♀️

  41. Joss and Dex work. Sam and Drew yuck. He’s a giant and they look absurd together.

  42. Your opinion ✌🏼and I only said sure about Sam and Drew bc I hate Carly and Drew🤷‍♀️& Sam is usually with someone way taller- she’s short lol-she was with Jax and he’s 6ft2in. too.

  43. Can Olivia just shut up already? She's so annoying. Carly shouldn't be allowed in the Q mansion at all given what she did to AJ. The turkey and Leo were the highlights of today

  44. Who else lol Drew has to kiss her butt , staring at each other and then he had to rub on her hand and then hold it-like no one noticed all that.🙄

  45. Injuries from the wreck-scotty said it yesterday

  46. How is Ryan communicating? I thought he was blinking for yes and no but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  47. He blinks for everything; that’s what that guy was holding-him and Harmony worked on it.

  48. I know Victor is keeping Ethan hostage, but at the same time, I'm having a hard time caring about that. It's the same issue with Luke dying at the hands of Victor. With no Lucky or Lulu around and just Holly, Ethan being rescued doesn't seem that much interesting.

  49. Yeah it doesn’t make sense to not have lucky or lulu 🤦🏼‍♀️

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