1. Based on my experience my bf currently owe me 1k 600$ from this month and $400 from lastyear but he borrowed 1 grand lastyear and left $400 now but he keeps asking me for extra let say $50 for his groceries etc. he has a proper job atm but i loan him money last year as he moved out from his parents how. If i were you just talk to him properly if you guys really love each other, what i do is i spoke to my bf and i told him to just pay me the $600 this coming pay day and he can pay me the $400 nextmonth. Just conversate with him and give him solutions like ask him to pay bits by bits cos 8k is a lot.

  2. Yea I already tried this. He paid me back prob about $900 but has asked for more money even after that. I think I’m gonna have to have him sign a financial agreement so he knows I’m really serious. I feel like he had the past year to fix it and I can’t deal with this when I’m across the country struggling myself :(

  3. You are not going to get your money back without a heart to heart talk. I hope you have the loan documentation because you may lose bf and need to sue.

  4. We have definitely had many heart to hearts… I definitely need to put my foot down in this next one I have and suggest him asking his parents as a solution. I really don’t want to have to sue him…everyone tells me that.

  5. Really simple but good meal. Get some frozen soup dumpling or gyoza anything like that. Usually these are microwaveable! Then get a cup of bone broth, throw some garlic, green onion, soy sauce for taste (you can put more seasonings but basically anything you would put in a soup). Heat up your soup, add the soup dumplings you just microwaved. Add a hard boiled egg if you want. Super high protein healthy dinner!

  6. Go the DDJ-400 man. DDJ-400 will give you more bang for your buck. I use Soundcloud streaming to mix tracks, and connect headphones and RCA-XLR to my big speaker. I would suggest a DDJ-200 only for playing aroun. The DDJ-400 is a great little board you won’t regret buying one and I still love using my one. You will learn much more on a DDJ-400 compared to a DDJ-200 also.

  7. Besides the actual deck, what do u think is necessary to have. In terms of speakers & headphones?

  8. Best advice I got from a friend was download a mix from your favorite dj and every song in that mix then recreate it. Record it listen to it then do it again until you sound like they do

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