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  1. Who is your most favorite best English teacher in freshman college? 😊

  2. Ano sabi ng Travel Agency niyo? Since they accepted your money for tour and "cleared" you for travel, may sagot ba sila?

  3. Del Monte Tomato 4ever pero kung wala talaga UFC tamis anghang pwede na

  4. Sarap! Pork sinigang > Beef bulalo > Chicken tinola

  5. I will never stop saying this: take Coca-Cola!

  6. Try searching COKE in this sub! It may or may not work for you but testimonials abound!

  7. Have you tried Coca-Cola? Not kidding. I've stopped taking triptans

  8. Lol seriously. Why is this garbage such a godsend?! 🙏🏼

  9. I know right?! If they can somehow extract the good parts and turn it into a pill that would be better! 😅

  10. Coke! Interesting. I get it from the caffeine perspective. Never thought about how a jolt or two of sugar might help.

  11. Apparently it's not sugar! I took Coke zero. Try searching "Coke" in this sub and you'll see testimonials abound. I forgot which thread but somebody said it's a particular ingredient (not caffeine) in coca cola products that help migraine sufferers

  12. So so much. One of those instances where the cure is worse than the disease

  13. im just wondering if the discount i get better than they offer in the "0 down payment"

  14. I don't think it works that way 😅. Zero down payment (similar to NO INITIAL CASH OUT! DRIVE HOME TODAY!) only means exactly that, no downpayment but the SRP plus interest is spread out over your loan term. Cash payment is usually given a discount. As a tip: try purchasing towards end of the month when car dealer sales agents are gunning for their sales quotas

  15. Impassioned reply haha! What about tinola do you hate? Is it the green papaya?

  16. The green papaya and young chili stalks are the only redeeming quality of tinola. It’s probably the circumstance of when you’d normally eat it. When you’re sick or there’s nothing else in the fridge. I can still taste the chicken fat that clings to my mouth.

  17. Ah yes food and memories, both curse and a gift

  18. Looks great! As long as you enjoyed it then you're good. For me though the rice to longganisa ratio needs adjustment. I will definitely need more rice! Also a runnier sunnyside.

  19. The both of us. It should be "the two of us" , or "both of us". Never "the both"

  20. That's interesting, never heard of chicken blood dinuguan. Is it possible to describe how it tastes different?

  21. I confess when I said "we" I really meant my mother cooked it that way 😅. Maybe it's the freshness that made the difference? The chicken was usually slaughtered and the blood collected from the dripping neck. This was in the province.

  22. Advanced happy birthday! Give the underrated rice a chance!

  23. Amazing sear! Could never get that even thin crust without getting more of a gray band! I read that you really didn't time it but if you had to guess, how long for each side?

  24. Twas frozen when I bought them. Maybe the lighting?

  25. I honestly don’t think it matters. The sear on those ribeyes from your other post was way better so I would stick with that. You are making me want to get a sou vide!

  26. Definitely a game changer for non experts like me!

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