1. Good. OP sound horrible, insecure and self absorbed. She needs some therapy. Like a lot of therapy. Her husband is better off without her. I'm only sorry that he lost his best friend. He's seen the real OP and he choose wisely.

  2. This has got to be a troll post. So, YTA for posting clearly obvious assholery.

  3. I've decided that this week I'm going to try new to me instructors, or give instructors second chances if I didn't like the first ride I did with them.

  4. Ohh this gave me the idea that Peloton should do a challenge where you take a different instructor every day or X number of instructors in Y time to get people to branch out from their favorites. It would be even cooler if it could be customized to you by saying only instructors you've taken less than lets say 5 classes with counts but I doubt they could do that.

  5. My bike is coming today!!! Since I am switching from an app membership I'm wondering if anyone can explain to me how I can transfer to the all access membership with my information so I don't lose anything I've already done in the app.

  6. Thebike will walk you through it. Just use the same email. And then go cancel the digital membership from your profile.

  7. Well, I didn't know they had more than 3. So, on the 2nd set, is the "magic" the exact same as the first 3?

  8. Oh. Well, that's a bummer. I would like them to switch it up. Even a different layout or something.

  9. Either stack or change the schedule time to much later in the day, as you can click on it before the scheduled time, just not after.

  10. Like others here, I don't see a problem with PB&J. I personally don't like either, but to each their own. I would suggest, though, incorporating more veggies. I have 100 g each of raw brocolli, cauliflower, baby tomatoes and cucumber in the afternoon and it's about 100 calories and far more filling than half a cup of soup. Along with that, if it's canned soup, I would suggest trying to make your own, not only to lessen the sodium, but to give you far more volume for the calories, which will keep you satiated longer. Soup is super easy to make and you make prepare a ton of it and freeze it in portions to microwave later on. Bologna...so high in salt, calories and fat. Try lower salt deli meats. If I do recall, being a vegetarian (and Canadian), canadian bacon is also similar. I would try to add more healthy protein to your meals, like cottage cheese, low fat plain yogurt, lean non processed meats, beans. Squash is very low calorie for the volume, as is eggplant. Try bulking up your salads. Try fun lettuces if you can, like endive, cress, etc to give a little extra flavour. Balsamic and whole grain mustards are a great alternative to salad dressing. I think it's fine to add things you really love. Clearly you love PB and ice cream. Keep them if it makes you happy. I only worry that you are consuming a fair amount of processed salts and sugar, which screw our taste buds and minds up in craving those types of foods. I would try to incorporate more natural sweets, like watermelon and berries, and perhaps some higher fiber, less "white" carbs like eggos. Multigrain bread, brown rice, etc will keep sugar levels more even and keep you fuller longer. Good luck.

  11. So, there could be a couple things going on. It could be that your bf isn't as great as he thinks he is. It would make sense, that if there are more women in his workplace, then statistically they would get more offers. It could also be that there is a conscientious choice to provide more opportunities for women and other minorities. I work for the federal Canadian government and it is a priority to hire minority people. This is not to hire and promote above a straight white male, but, all things equal, if a straight white male and a woman (or ethnic minority, etc) were behaviourally, educationally and technically equal, the minority would be offered the position/opportunity. My partner also complains about this, but I've told him that the system is working to correct wrongs in the past (and, frankly, modern times as well). Women, non white, non straight, etc people are far less likely to be given opportunities over white, straight men and they are more often paid less with less benefits and subject to more negative workplace issues, such as sexual harassment and abuse. He should speak to his manager concerning his thoughts and to understand why he isn't given the opportunities that he thinks he deserves. I would hazard a guess, as well, that in his past, he has been given opportunities above a minority, be it from an elementary school teacher, a coach, even a parent. I would, then, think he didn't see anything wrong or out of the norm in those situations or fight for that other person's rights. There's nothing sexist or bigoted about providing opportunities for marginalized people, who historically and still are, not treated equally.

  12. I like 1, but would make the diamonds more random (ie more mix of fabrics).

  13. Could anyone link the taylor swift tread workout? (Not the midnights one) I’m having trouble finding it!

  14. I think you should be asking yourself why you're in a relationship with someone who clearly doesn't respect you. And frankly, neither of you seem to have good communication skills. Either work on your communicating and boundaries or break up.

  15. I mean, does he really need to ride? If he's not feeling it, then he isnt going to want to ride. Maybe he could try the strength classes. Or the outdoor. Or none of it. I hoped my partner would want to ride my bike and (non pelo) tread, but he's super not interested and I'm fine with that.

  16. I do agree with wishing there were more weight options, primarily for upper body. What I can chest press is very different than what I can front raise. The worst rep tracking I fund was actually on my last benchmark where it went cray on my pushups and then like 1 or 2 on my tuckups. It was a great program though. Very well structured. The stretches really helped. I also just finished Straight to the Core with Rebecca and really enjoyed it.

  17. I would love to hear more about Straight to the Core! I haven't seen it mentioned much on this sub.

  18. Ok. So it's currently just on the Guide, just like Ben's program, but it'll drop to everyone in the next month or so. On FB a lot of people are hating on her program, because it's not traditional core moves. If you've done any of her standing core, then you'll know she focuses a lot on balance and stability. Every week there's a standing core class. My fav was the last one. It was very similar to her holiday core from December. Super fun. Her benchmark test comprises a 90 sec plank, 60 secs of both side planks, 60 sec hollow hold (my most hated move) and then counted tuck ups. The goal at the end of the 4 weeks is to be able to hold the poses longer and more tuck ups. There were very few "traditional" core moves like crunches. There was 1 5 min class (day 1 week 2 I think) where she slowly went over bicycles, but there were very few bicycles in the actual program.

  19. If it has to be one those, the Kosas in clear, not tinted. But if you have truly dry lips, none of those. Vaseline, Auquaphor, etc is far superior. Higher price tags do not necessarily equal higher quality.

  20. I got waylaid by food poisoning this week so I have 3 classes of Rebecca’s core program left and only tomorrow to do them. Will I be able to access them when the program is over even if I didn’t unlock them over the course of the program?

  21. OK...I do believe you can still access the classes, you just won't get a gold badge (or whatever the completing all the classes on time badge is). For rollups, if you can't do them, can you get up with your knees bent in a normal crunch style? You can also try putting a heavy weight between your feet (in either leg position) and it'll give you more leverage to get up. Remember to exhale as you lift up. It does help. Engage your abs as best you can. I can't keep my legs straight either, and I'm not at all flexible (can't touch my toes even after 10 years of yoga. It is what it is). It's ok if they're bent. FYI if you like Rebecca's standing core, the last 20 min class was super fun.

  22. I had to google what that temp was in C and from OPs reaction I thought it was going to much lower, that is literally warm weather where I’m from lmfao

  23. It's fine. We have a golden with very plush bum hair. We just brush him every day or two. We may end up getting him groomed if he gets a little too much, but it'll just be a trim to tidy him up. They have fluffy bums for a reason.

  24. I second that Cody ride!! That playlist was FIRE and he had me laughing all the way through. Until the last song. For some reason, that song makes me cry every time!

  25. It was the kind of playlist where you make sure no one else is in the house, so you can just be your own diva, belting out the songs. I'm Canadian, so I was disappointed in the first 2 Celine songs (there are much better ones), but the last one is definitely my favorite of hers. I do bleive Leanne's Celine ride also has that song. Mariah is my diva of choice and all the songs Cody played were in my top 5. And Whitney. Truly.

  26. Agreed! I work out at 4:30 a.m. with my headphones so there was a ridiculous amount of lip syncing and wild flailing that I call dancing. I think my heart rate stayed high the entire ride because of all that!!!

  27. If you like Rebecca's core classes, she has a core program on the Guide right now that will be released to all the other platforms in a monthish. Every week there is a standing core class, and the last one (20 mins) was super fun. I finished the program yesterday and it was awesome.

  28. Well, a simple answer for the cat issue is to not keep her in a crate or put a litter box in with her. It's fair for you to simply ask her, in these kind of situations, "What do you think a good solution for this would be? Do you need my help? I will do my best to help you, be it with my time and/or my advice. I do have this and this to take care of though. I hope you understand that these things are important to me because of..." If she refuses to understand that you have needs and wants to and can't drop everything, then that's a different conversation. A simple, "I understand that you are feeling frustrated, upset, whatever in this current situation. When you say that I do not help you or make myself available to you, that hurts me, as I feel that I put a lot of time and effort into this relationship and to try to make you happy. Why do you feel that what I do is not enough? What can I do or not do?" And then, again, if she refuses to understand, perhaps it's time to accept that she may not be the kind of partner you need.

  29. This is the first pattern in a long time that I'm excited about. I asked a gf if she wanted to join the KAL with me. 3 hours later, my sister texted me a screenshot of the IG post and said we have to knit this. Clearly, it's very intriguing.

  30. How wonderful! Please share your yarn pics for this project - I am very curious!

  31. Frankly, pizza is the only way I'll eat pineapple, other than green juice in Mexico. I hate the acidity sweetness of pineapple.

  32. I still have the lock of my old cat’s fur from the crematorium, as well as his paw print.

  33. I have our Golden's hair. And his ashes in an urn. And his pawprint tattooed on my ankle. Perhaps I'm just as weird as OP.

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