1. how politically correct every piece of entertainment must be or else it will offend every possible minuscule "minority"

  2. I had an incredibly positive experience. I got it with just 800 mg of ibuprofen and not on my period. It was like a degree more painful than a pap smear. I psyched myself out so much for just a 2 second moderate cramp. It's been an amazing form of BC for me, and no hormones!! Everyone is different of course, but even if insertion was more painful, it's not worth enduring the mental health issues that come with the pill IMO

  3. This is great to hear! Thank you for sharing your experience :)

  4. So I love my Paragard, insertion was not fun, but not bad. Ask what they can do for you pain-wise like a vaginal suppository (OTC), I think I just took Advil. I took it EASY the rest of the day and three years later I still love it. In my nonprofessional opinion and very limited research, I've found that a lot of girls who already have painful cramps naturally, have a horrible time with the insertion process. My natural period was always very light. If your period is already heavy, idk if paragard is right for you. You will most likely experience heavier cramping and bleeding. I do, but it has definitely lessened in intensity over time. My period is also very regular now.

  5. yeah my gyno told me not to get it if i had a heavy period but luckily i don’t have one and i have very minimal (if i have it all) cramping! so finger’s crossed

  6. All guy's really want is a big case of beer and a sloppy BJ.

  7. ohh okay! sorry about that i didn't see the /s :) I think i'm going with some new experiences for him/us it truly does sound like the best option

  8. the only non hormonal birth that truly has no side effect are condoms, everyother method could have side effects

  9. Could the non hormonal copper iud cause weight gain and acne. I thought these were hormonal effects

  10. I've just heard about acne. Weight gain isn't really a side effect of bc as the only way to gain weight is by consuming more calories than the body needs aka eating too much. what hormonal birth control can do is make you retain fluids which can show up as a couple of pounds more on the scale. hormones can also change your appetite and this is why often people think it makes you gain weight. But if you keep eating a healthy and balance diet it won't.

  11. yup! I used to love sex and the pill made it feel like a chore lol

  12. if you take your pill everyday around the same time (i guess you mean between a 1-2 hour window) you're fine :)

  13. My first IUD hurt like a motherfucker. I had it done at PP and the doctor asked me a question and just did it, maybe thinking if I was distracted/talking that I wouldn’t notice or something? I cramped for about a day and that was the end of it.

  14. it's correlated because the size of your uterus changes after pregnancy, that's why the iud is preferred if you had previous pregnancies

  15. I mean, Mario is still somewhat used. Luigi and Giovanni on the other hand, super-boomer.

  16. i don't know where you're from but in italy it's quite the opposite haha

  17. ah haha, io sono del nord e ti posso dire che alcuni miei amici (io ho 22 anni) si chiamano luigi e giovanni ma mario nessuno se non mio padre hahaha

  18. nah. I'm too jealous, the thought of my partner being intimate with other people on a regular basis doesn't sit right with me lmao

  19. Yahoo? I was hoping for something a little more 21st century. But thanks for being the only one who could be bothered to answer

  20. lmao. i know its not one of the newest but its better than gmail and definitely outlook at least to me

  21. Yeah. Outlook is dead. There has got to be something better. All these new companies springing up. I have an old yahoo account as a backup. I was hoping for something more professional. If I get recommended one, I'll let you know, might come in handy for you too

  22. if you took the pill correctly as you said you’re safe. I used to take the pill and i let my boyfriend finish inside of me every time and nothing ever happened. Don’t worry! Also hormones can cause all sorts of symptoms, the pill gave me crippling anxiety haha

  23. really loving yourself is like you're your own bestfriend. You enjoy time alone and you're not scared of it, you enjoy every little aspect of life

  24. I'm sorry but how do you get bored of someone you love?? If someone told me they didn't want to call me often because they'd get bored of me I'd leave asap

  25. I commend you for being so strong. Me I want to work it out with the person I’m with still. She had a relationship before me where she didn’t get time at all with her partner but at the same time got more or less costumed to having a schedule and not spending that much time with significant other at all. Her whatever you want to call it. I’m having trouble finding the right word if it’s an excuse or whatever but she is very reluctant about spending time a lot with me and I don’t think she sees that it hurts me.

  26. if you want to really make it work, my advice would be to communicate. loud and clear. sit down and actually tell her how feel and how deeply this is hurting you. Don't be scared to go to the root of the problem, ask her why she feels like that and grow together, that's what couples do! Best of luck to you both :) x

  27. i wear them bc they're comfy inside the house and because they make my butt look good tbh

  28. so they don't risk having their hand luggage put into the hold of the plane because of lack of space

  29. Confidence, if you feel attractive everyone will percieve you as attractive

  30. I get what you're saying, in a way. There was some "teaching" ( I wouldn't define it as teaching bc it's such a bad way to say it) in my relationship because my SO has asperger, so he loves in it's own way, which is not the "conventional" way. For example, in the first few months of our relationship i used to be really hurt from the lack of i love you's from his side but after talking he told me that in it's head once he said it, nothing changed so it was obvious to him that he still loved me. I had to tell him people like me needed to hear that more often and a bunch of other stuff. But on my side as well it's not just teaching him like a robot, I am accepting and LEARNING to look for how he shows he loves me, not just the things i want (which btw, no one will ever give you everything you want).

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