1. If Travis got this for her… SAD. the pic he used looks like, forgive me for saying this, like he about to cum on her tongue. Also talking about her pussy. Why doesn’t Kylie see that he just likes her for sex / doesn’t mind he has kids with her? HE DOESNT LOVE YOUR HEART KYLIE. He loves that you allow him to treat you like a sex toy.

  2. They (Kylie and Kendal) looked NORMAL here. Like the girl next door! Now they look like plastic sex dolls! How sad

  3. I wonder what they do together…. Like as dates. Is it always dinner dates?

  4. I do think Kylie is bicurious or bisexual. I’m not shaming her and I do not care either way…but the way she is with her female friends makes me wonder

  5. Good Morning Kylie. What’s the point of this post? Showing a black and white pic of mostly SAND/GRAVEL ? And then one baby leg of John Doe?

  6. What’s the purpose of this shoot? Is she advertising or did she just want to show off again

  7. I’m sorry, can you explain by what Humphrie him means in regards to the show content? I know about Kris H but I wasn’t watching the show at the time

  8. “Did you get it??” That fuckin look back lmaooo

  9. Khloe does the over exaggerated lip pout and now Kim does the kiss face all the time. Kylie does the dead eyes… they all have their own thing 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  10. The bar is so fucking low, it’s embarrassing. 🤣 Travis can’t even write a decent birthday post for the mother of her kids, cannot look at her in the eye either. He states more at the floor than her. 🤡

  11. Notice his Instagram stories are pics/vids focused on her ass and boobs. And then a half naked pic (photoshoot).

  12. This woman’s nipples are either adjustable or removable. In some photos you can see them sitting nearly up on her clavicle, yet here her top has almost slipped off and somehow… no areola

  13. That Todd Waterman is Kendall’s birth father. Someone posted that here the other day. I want to know now

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