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  1. You can purchase it in advance and then start using it at any time. The 3-day period only starts when you tap it for the first time. For example, if you purchase your 3-day pass on Friday and use it for the first time on Monday, then your pass will be valid Monday through Wednesday. Note that the validity will be for 3 days and not 72 hours. “Example: validation at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, expiry 11:59 p.m. on Thursday.” (

  2. if I purchase the weekend pass and the 3 day pass at the same time, would it interfere with each other? or will it know that I'm using the weekend pass first?

  3. You do not need an OPUS card for these two types of passes. Each of them will be dispensed as a L’occasionnelle card (a non-rechargeable paper card). So you will simply have two cards, one for each pass.

  4. I see! I didn't realize that it's a separate card cause I got the 3 day pass on my opus card last time I visited. thanks for your help! :))

  5. i had someone ask me to smother my shoe listing in dirt and sweat before sending it to them

  6. fakes. the model writing on the arm is suspicious, there is usually more writing and also the size written

  7. Yes. The cobalt card is amazing. Points rack up is great, the welcome offer spending quota is easy to meet. The offer you listed there is the staple one and does not deviate from it for the cobalt. I’ve got a referral link if you need!

  8. hi there, do you still have a referral link? 😁

  9. are you a glasses wearer? what size do you wear for your normal opticals if you don't mind me asking

  10. I could make a cropped one if you want and send you a download link ;)

  11. would love this as a wallpaper as well! can i get one please?

  12. Highkey get annoyed at podcasters who “interview” “guests” but don’t do any research on them or even like a basic Google search. Maybe I’m projecting my journalism degree but woof people really don’t know how to interview someone.

  13. I'm sure they know the juicy questions but then risk other guests not coming on their show

  14. Where are these labels from? Looks much nicer than my label maker labels

  15. Are they easy to pull out with sausage fingers?

  16. my sausage fingers say yes! you can see the tops have gaps between adjacent jars, greatly designed for ease of grab!

  17. How did you make the labels?

  18. I got a spice set that came with the labels!

  19. I have a question - what do you do with the extra spice that doesn't fit into the containers?

  20. I have them in their original packaging all stored together behind my baking cabinet, a place i don't reach for often. that way, I can refill those jars in a pinch too!

  21. yes the sides are but not the main long horizontal bar. sorry, i should've been more specific

  22. Oh I got it. Can you make a video of wobbling? I think it would help me to figure out which parts are to blame.

  23. sorry forgot to get back to you, I currently have a big load on the table so it's not wobbling as much right now but will pm you if i notice it after using it, just need to set up the desk area first. thanks!

  24. Looks to be in alphabetical order. Maybe check the sheet before this one

  25. of course, there's obviously more pages. i'm just showing the absurdity of the other listed "spice", cookies.

  26. I use Google Sheets for my budget/expenses. If you go a spreadsheet route, make sure it's something like this that you can both access on the go.

  27. wow, impressive! thanks for sharing and including a visual!

  28. for safety, you shouldn't upload pictures of keys online

  29. my unhealed piercings just cringed so hard

  30. pg clucks for good chicken & knockout chicken for a good deal

  31. Clinique makes a bar of soap that I've found to be extremely effective at removing grease and grime better than the gojo or fast orange hand cleaners. That would be my first suggestion!

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