1. That would be werid to tell others you're "sick" and that's why you're choosing to wear a mask at work. People with common sense know that if you're sick you shouldn't be around other people, mask or not. Just be honest and say you like hiding your face and having a mask covering your nose and mouth all day, don't tell people you're "protecting them"

  2. Cheese on soup ramen is a no But a saucy ramen (like buldak) adding cheese Is pretty good

  3. Damn i love this aesthetic. You're like a beautiful mermaid girl

  4. I developed a few autoimmune disease shortly after second covid vaccine. If I even mention this as possibility I get lumped in with antivaxxers and downvoted to all hell.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that has happened to you.

  6. In wondering what you used tonmake this? Its very well made..

  7. The dialouge and art style, as well as the voice acting..

  8. Don't you mean black latex gloves that aren't fully unrolled

  9. Reaaaallly bad for you but... You can take tinfoil, fold it like a hotdog long ways, put the dab inside the middle, take a lighter and heat it from underneath the foil, and take a straw to hit it as soon as it starts bubbling. Don't ask how I know this.

  10. What a sad grab for attention. I feel bad for the dude, the person who posted this, and anyone upvoting. Truly pathetic behavior on all parts.

  11. Bro something is wrong with you when you go around posting nasty, negative, immature, unwarranted comments such as this, but everywhere

  12. Stop trying to call out shit behavior! It makes you a bad person! Your logic reflected back negates your own argument.

  13. Jesus christ which cryptid is this

  14. Looks like heโ€™s got subdermal implants. He wants to be ribbed for her pleasure.. but it just resembles warts .. yuck

  15. Looks like pills stuck in there. Oh god it's just so disgusting makes you not care about the gun at all

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