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  1. Q4W: How well did introducing your bf to your parents go?

  2. Makes sense. Solomon Islands is 11% SDA, which is not that different from the percent Baptist in the U.S., and it’s about 10x the proportion of Americans who identify as Lutheran, so it’s not so fringe there.

  3. Why were us women lied to and told that if we have sex with a man before the 6 months mark, they’d lose interest in us?

  4. What suggests that it was a lie? Most modern men do lose interest if they don’t get sex within that time frame.

  5. I think you’re misunderstanding me. Reread what i wrote.

  6. Men sure do move fast when they’re interested in you

  7. A man wanting an exclusive relationship with you is him just wanting to fuck?

  8. Q4M: How long should it take for a guy to ask you to be his gf?

  9. Yes, this is true. There was a big problem with this at one point: upper class ladies who were depressed and unhappy would walk by the river, snatch a baby from a carriage, toss the baby in the river. Baby was before age of reason, was therefore pure and innocent, would go to heaven. The woman would confess her sins and be forgiven, and then be executed for murder, and also go heaven. Suicide by state executioner, everyone goes to the good place.

  10. Paying is not the problem. The problem is not getting pussy in exchange.

  11. The sex must preferably happen while we eat.

  12. These are kitkat Muslims. Yes homophobes and all stuff considered extremist by the west but they're not extremist enough for the Taliban or ISIS. Extremism in Islam only keeps getting worse, ISIS see the Taliban as too liberal. What about a woman who posts tiktok videos with make up on and drive a car without a guardian?

  13. Now how the hell is the Taliban “too liberal” by any standards?

  14. How plausible is it to find a partner in church? Is it better vetting?

  15. Most Humans can barely plan a few days reliably, and a thousand years is a foreign concept.

  16. Don’t forgot that according to Christian doctrine, there is no night!

  17. This has to be a satirisation of that old post where some lady is like “house fire killed my sister in law but the bible on the nightstand was untouched. Truly a miracle of god” right

  18. Hilarious. Also, love to see happy budgies. The blue one looks especially happy

  19. By their posture and feather fluffiness. The bird in the beginning of this video is basically doing the same thing that that blue bird was -

  20. I’ve picked up reading fervently again and one thing I’ve realized is that the female protagonist is almost always a very very attractive woman.

  21. I’m a woman and I hate shopping with women. We’re so incredibly picky lol

  22. Probably the most tame Slaughter book I’ve read yet.

  23. What? No way. I finished reading it yesterday and everytime I think of Emily I want to cry. I’m reading Pretty Girls now and I hope it’s just as intense.

  24. I’m doing it for free I’d take the money.

  25. Why are teenagers so sociopathic? I’m listening to stories about the bullying happening in high school and it brings tears to my eyes. Is there something that happens between 14 and 17 in the brain that turns empathy off completely?

  26. It’s puberty. The human brain is not fully developed until 25, and those teenage years undergo more growth than any other period save the first two years.

  27. I'm totally flexible when it comes to race. My 1st GF was Metis, my 1st wife was Swedish and Irish, my 2nd wife was Mexican, my current GF is Black, the GF before her was also black, and the GF before her was Native American. Between wives, I dated several white women, a Samoan woman, a Venezuelan woman, and a Filipino woman.

  28. Congratulations. Quick, pick two users on PPD to be the godparents.Pick me, pick me!

  29. Ummm Lilith would make a great godmom. I’d pick purplish sim to be godfather but he might feed the kid too many snacks.

  30. Doesn't look like it. Now that I think of it I've never seen a fat caique. They're in perpetually motion so I don't think they ever chunk up the way some parrots may...

  31. No meat is a big minus. Meat as a protein source is critical for human brain development. For the day-to-day, meat contains tryptophan. In the human body, tryptophan is metabolized into serotonin, critical for brain chemistry.

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