1. I dropped Insider. There was a lot of good acting, but I felt like it focused too much on the mechanics of the game at the cost of the characterization that I was craving.

  2. You should give INSIDER another chance! A lot of things happen that made me excited to continue, and it won't focus on the "game" in the next episodes as much anymore! The ML is soooo smart and I can not get enough of him and his friends. You really should give it another shot!

  3. Is this really worth the watch , I saw it but I just don't have time to waste but it looks interesting. Can you perhaps tell me if its similar to any other good thrillers , in terms of being worth the watch for example like mouse .

  4. To be honest it's my first time watching a kdrama that talks about gambling like INSIDER. It is very smart and intense and there are a lot of great twists that will make you question everything that is happening in the drama! The actors' acting skills are so great and the ML is smart and cool! The first few episodes are about the "game" but then it gets deeper than just that and in my opinion, episode 08 was the best of them all. I REALLY LOVED THAT EPISODE, but the other episodes are good too! It's that kdrama that you cannot use your phone while it's playing in the background, you need to keep focused to understand what is going on and I really like it for that. It is one of the best Kdrama this year when it comes to crime and the interesting side of it. I waited for so long for it to finally start airing so I can get back to watch a good crime smart kdrama! The last one was through the darkness. I really hope you'll give it a try, because it became one of my favourite kdramas this year!

  5. Did you just describe every fricking male lead in a FMC manhwa ever? /s

  6. I am new to manhwa so I don't really know 🥲 I just want to read something like this so please recommend some to me!

  7. Paranorman Coraline The Addams family Some kids found Coco scary 9 Monster house Spirited away

  8. I believe it is better to leave it get to 20% or something before charging it but i do not really know if i am right either.

  9. It’s something you have to adjust for different fabrics. If you’re sewing thin fabric, 6-7 would probably work. Standard fabrics would be 2-4.

  10. The Smile has left your eyes is a masterpiece so I would put that at the top of my list.

  11. Ohhh then I'll probably start with the smile has left your eyes ❤️🤭

  12. Train. It is more like travelling to different dimensions but it is worth it!

  13. No anything related to princesses idk 😭 or any light cute anime 🥹

  14. It might be a little more story focused than you want but I’d highly suggest Violet Everygarden. It sounds like it miiight be right up your alley.

  15. I've not seen Bridgerton, but maybe you can try watching Fruits Basket 2019-21.

  16. Snow White with Red Hair and Arte are some shows off the top of my head

  17. It's probably the 90's or the early 2000's ? They wore pretty dresses and the quality wasn't the best. I remember the scene well when she was thinking about her late parents who they were shown on a ship while it was sinking. There are a lot of little girls living at that house (and they seemed rich) they also used carriages instead of cars so I think it was meant to be historical.

  18. I just watched it last night and my family and I adored it! Do you have any similar movies please! ❤️

  19. So glad you enjoyed it! It really is a fantastic movie.

  20. Thank you so much for your recommendation! I will make sure to enjoy both of them ❤️❤️

  21. Was it missing as in the attachment was gone or it just said missing?

  22. Your teacher probably returned it to you without a grade. When I return assignments without putting the grade in Google Classroom it shows as missing. I’ve usually just put the grade directly into our grade book instead.

  23. Just go play Assassin's Creed 3. It gives a great recounting of the events leading up to the Revolution. Not necessarily the entire plot but the supplemental material they include for historical reference.

  24. An older movie I saw as a kid was 1776. It's over 40 years old but might be worth your time.

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