1. It happened to me, too. For some of us the recovery takes a lot longer. I ended up going to my doctor and got an antidepressant prescription called Doxepin. It worked really well for me but I don't suggest it. I've had family members who have used it with a lot of success so I knew it would work for me. I pretty much got relief within an hour of taking it, then stayed at a therapeutic dose for a few months. I did a slow taper and now I'm off it and no longer have any anxiety/depression.

  2. Can you propose a project? That's what I did when I felt underutilized. I learned enough about my job that I understood things that could use improvements.

  3. Call 211 for assistance. If they can't do anything then check into a hospital

  4. This happened to my nephew for something else, but he instead cancelled it. Is it a scam? We tried to think of what could be going on and came to the conclusion maybe they will report they never received it and request a refund.

  5. I have no problem with it. I planned to work until 72 anyway. All the boomers will be gone by then and less of a tax burden to us, so maybe things will change.

  6. The other reason landlords refuse to rent to section 8 tenants is HUD requires those apartments to be regularly inspected and be maintained up to the minimum housing standards. Also there is a 1 page form landlords have to fill out annually. When landlords complain about the burdensome paperwork, I'm pretty sure they are being disingenuous.

  7. I figured that had something to do with it, too. They'll actually have to maintain the property and keep things in good working condition.

  8. I'm a poverty attorney and do a lot of eviction defense for poor people. I think it is probably true that low-income households are more likely to damage an apartment or leave it messy when they move out than wealthier tenants. But because of the payments standards for section 8 vouchers, vouchers can only be used to pay for an apartment at 40 percent of "fair market rent" for the area, which is usually the size of a county or a whole metro rather than just the local zip code. That means voucher holders usually end up renting cheaper apartments in poorer neighborhoods, where a landlord would be renting to someone already on the lower income side of all renters in the area. As an example, the 40 percent of the cheapest apartments in Boston probably disproportionately in the parts of Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan that middle class families would never want to visit, nevermind live in.

  9. Thanks for clarifying that because you confirmed what I have personally seen. I appreciate the work you do because I also work with the poor by helping them get housing and healthcare.

  10. I was asked by managers to stay in my position for 2 years before leaving. I don't know if that's normal or even a policy because I've heard of people leaving related jobs within months.

  11. Lol. Their request has red flags all over it.

  12. My job ended up being very low stress and easy. Turnover is high though and it's difficult to retain staff. I'm not sure why it's happening but I suspect it's because there are better wages and benefits in the private sector.

  13. My first ever job I was given a tour of the facility, and someone pulled me to the side and said I should leave or risk losing my license

  14. I stayed about 2 months because I was desperate for work. My manager started harassing and writing me up so I quit

  15. I wanna Google the context behind this but I'm worried what I might find

  16. My shitty genetics gave me strong calves and nothing else. Just to add to your list of pros, I'll have to admit that I have never injured an ankle or calf muscle. I can't count how many times I've tweaked or hurt just about every joint or muscle in my body but never lower legs. There was one time I had plantar fasciitis but don't think I would consider that related.

  17. Back when I did a lot of camping I used to use those large soda bottles, I think like 24 oz. I would fill it with brown rice and lentils, add a pinch of salt, and fill with water. Let it soak all day, then it only takes 15 minutes to cook with an alcohol stove.

  18. That's great for np's, but how easy is it to get a new grad job?

  19. The VA has acknowledged the wage problem and are now experiencing turnover. They've made some changes but not enough to make a difference, and I think it's gonna require an overhaul if they want to keep nurses.

  20. More like 7-3:30 or 9-5:30 with 30 minutes unpaid

  21. Last year I had some training for lean six sigma. I figured I'd ask my brother for some insight considering he's a director in an auto company. He unfortunately had never heard of it and I thought maybe it's because he has no education.

  22. I'm always honest in the surveys afterwards. Our online training is terrible. I can barely hold interest even when it's a topic I like.

  23. Is it toxic enough there that he will quit or is it a good working environment that would make him want to stay?

  24. Max out Roth 401k, Roth IRA, and HSA over the next few years.

  25. https://www.ftb.ca.gov/tax-pros/report-an-issue.html

  26. These most recent stims have been a total mess. CA government should get sued over it & the people deserve recompense for it also. Biggest & foremost mistake was them intrusting federal aid to a shitty 3rd party banking system. Also people who really needed it like most low income CA residents didn't even qualify for stupid ass tax filing reasons that made no sense & the residents still making plenty of money even since & before the pandemic still got theirs.

  27. I'm mostly surprised that there's pretty much no way to contact them or get any information. The bank can be contacted for debit cards, but if you're having problems with direct deposit or checks then you're SOL.

  28. I’m probably naive but I’ve never heard of anyone putting a different time on the sample than when it was actually drawn

  29. It depends on how poorly managed and understaffed they are. Someone else pointed out that a recent thyroidectomy means they're probably still in the hospital and my example of LTC/SNF wouldn't apply to this situation.

  30. LTC or SNF is a long ways apart from acute management within hours after a thyroid surgery.

  31. I've seen some places smart enough to understand what's going on so they'll send phlebotomists. There's nothing the nurse can do because it's up to the facility to provide adequate staffing. Managers just aren't smart enough to think forward enough how their mismanagement and inadequate staffing will affect patient outcomes.

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