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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Negentropy red was superior and didn’t have its spotlight for long enough I stand by this

  2. So what I’m hearing is everyone is depressed

  3. I didn’t even see the second slide,, RTM is one of my favorite albums my heart is broken.

  4. This is really weird but every time someone gets upset with something he says I just think “how would they react if dojacat said this” and go on with my day.

  5. The background music really does it for me😭

  6. They really said “sorry for making you wait so long for the first one here have another”

  7. Oh my god I felt this. I enrolled in a 5-7:50 class this semester, not realizing how dead tired I'd be by the time I got home. I literally don't have energy to eat, let alone do any work. Never doing this again.

  8. WOW this looks so nice!!! Literally my dream but I'm broke.

  9. Saw him playing football at the cappa courtyard a few days ago, I was sweating my ass off idk how he’s been doing this goddamn

  10. With the weight of responsibility on my shoulders

  11. They went through three chapters before commenting, AND went through your profile to see if you had other works…that’s wild

  12. Help I've been on this sub for months but still don't know what styrofoam means 😭😭😭😭

  13. Super Slime Simulator, lotta ads tho would not recommend

  14. I'm that person that begs for idols not to dye their hair too much because it quite literally burns their hair (it drains the protein and make the hair really weak and easy to break and fall). So I find it kinda odd that I never noticed how often Jae colors his hair, like it never occured to me that his hair could ever be black, maybe even I have taken that he's a natural blonde. His hair is able to be so healthy maybe because he alternates between light colors and darker colors which don't require a lot of bleaching. Still, with just how long his hair has been colored for (light brown for Kongchu --> black with blue highlights at the front --> blonde for Letting Go and he kept that throughout 2016 --> grey in Jan and Feb of 2017 --> blonde till November --> grey/ash brown for I Like You --> blonde for TBM --> blue for Shoot Me --> ash grey for Unlock --> brown for Remus --> black with red highlights for Gravity --> brown with blonde highlights for Entropy --> blonde for The Demon --> brown --> red for Negentropy --> grey for Dive With You --> white highlights for HITC --> black (now)) the way it is still able to be healthy is insane.

  15. It’s insane, his hair has been colored literally since debut. I do remember seeing some Everyday6 promo pics with his natural hair, but now I feel kinda robbed that we never got an actual era with it.

  16. And "queer" and "enby" as tags......

  17. Nah op is just queer and nonbinary

  18. I love my partner to bits but if I hear “just try to remember/trace your steps” come out of his mouth one more time I’m gonna lose it.

  19. Fantasy aus that have a “worldbuilding info” section at the beginning of each chapter. Please just infodump at that point. If I’m binge reading your fic it completely breaks my immersion.

  20. Saw a dude hold his hand out for a squirrel even though he didn’t have any food on him. The squirrel nipped at his finger and ran lol.

  21. Young K cried while talking about Hoppipola's concert/singing "ONE" on DeKiRa because behind the scenes, Jae had already begun conversations with JYPE/the band about terminating his contract.

  22. I never thought about funding indie Day6 through Jae’s streams wow

  23. I was wondering what the mv reminded me of😭this was a whole fever dream

  24. He was probably like "Hun don't wear sweatpants on the hike" and then she berated him for 5 minutes about how he is too controlling and bossy and tells her what to do all the time.

  25. I’m a fan of Silicone utensils whenever possible since they won’t scratch, stain, or melt. GIR has a great collection of decently priced tools

  26. Then here is the "middle of the road" guide:

  27. This will be an unpopular opinion I think but this cover was kind of underwhelming to me?

  28. I feel like since Zombie is supposed be a very minimalistic song there’s not really much you can change without messing up the original message. They sounded great but I do agree they should’ve chosen a heavier day6 song to cover, it would’ve worked with their style a lot more.

  29. you're amazing tysm, i was so convinced that there were noodles in the soup but apparently it was just chicken🙃

  30. When I try to picture it in my head I can only see iCarly but I've never doubted by own instincts so much.

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