1. Demob Happy are awesome! Loved these guys for years and saw them play their first LA show, great dudes personally too.

  2. Really though Imagine having a large print of this signed by both Jon and Chino.

  3. Haha I was asking about the photographer bc I was hoping to get a physical print of this done!

  4. I work with the band’s management and we would like to reach out to the photographer about making a print of this for personal use

  5. Here! I’m 26, but got into Lanegan’s music when I was 21. Was already familiar with the Screaming Trees and QOTSA, but I discovered Bubblegum and never looked back haha

  6. Hah! I know right. My birthday was a month ago and I often wonder the same thing

  7. Vivid seats required downloading their app, the tickets were there; albeit we bought them on release . My wife and I had the same issue but as soon as the app was downloaded the tix we're available

  8. No I actually had downloaded the Vivid app and AXS app…they ended up refunding my money bc the seller never contacted them back and never sent the tickets lol. Sketchy but to be expected I guess in this day and age. Ended up being an awesome show!!

  9. Update: got a refund after dealing with customer service all day and last minute snagged fairly good seats from Ticketmaster resale. Fuck vivid seats / scammers! And sorry to anyone else who got scammed

  10. I don't really create music these days, but work as a filmmaker/video editor/vfx compositor/comms person. This all predated doing that professionally though.

  11. Very cool! Do you have a website / portfolio? Would love to check out what you do nowadays

  12. I do, but I'm too embarrassed by my youthful antics with "It all fades" to collide the two worlds. I'll have to leave that one a mystery... for now! :)

  13. Crushed the guitar tones on autopilot, hats off to you guys

  14. Haha thanks! You can stream it on Spotify, Apple, Bandcamp etc too ;)

  15. Spectacular stuff. Great vibe. You had us at The Cure and Sonic Youth, but you definitely have your own thing going. Love the nasty bass sound under it.

  16. Thank you very much!! My bassist will love that haha. Got more music coming this year…if you wanna stay in touch we’re @analogparty on Instagram and on all streaming platforms too. Cheers!

  17. Awesome! One of my favorite songs. Do you have a longer clip by any chance?

  18. FUCK YOU MARK ZUCKERBERG (For the people in the back)

  19. I think he alluded to a relapse of sorts in one of his final interviews about moving to Ireland but I don't particularly care. Lanegan probably had like a thousand relapses that we don't know about and never will. The only reason we knew about some of his later relapses are because one made him comatose and Isobel blew the whistle on another. And he was certainly never the kind of guy to tell you "oh i'm Clean now".

  20. This is a good point…Lanegan was a pretty private guy. Although most people would have assumed based off public “knowledge” / interviews he had been clean since 2006-ish, I was surprised to read about the casual pill in his bag in DIAC…not to mention those interviews in 2020 where he seemed totally paranoid about COVID / 5G / etc…

  21. Good for Mike for getting help…lost way too many musicians bc they didn’t put their health first. In regards to AA, everyone for years was under the impression he was straight edge, but there are enough videos / interviews where he’s casually drinking. And in terms of the last few years, he definitely aged quickly, especially for a guy who always seemed pretty vibrant and looked good for his age…so I guess alcohol being a factor in alm this makes sense in hindsight. The fact that so many of his peers have passed and he’s at that middle age where many men struggled with mental health is just an added challenge…

  22. Sounds like before Mark left for Ireland, at least in the episode where it’s just him and Wesley no guest

  23. Awesome song! Hadn’t heard about this before

  24. The fact he name drops Brooks as a drummer he’d like to work with in a hypothetical scenario is not only crazy prophetic in hindsight haha, but also just gives more weight to the line up now

  25. Looks awesome! Some cool interviews in there it seems

  26. If I can self promote, my band Analog Party is definitely Queens-adjacent :)

  27. I remember you guys writing here a long while ago, still listen to Sunspots as it's in one of my playlists!

  28. Wow! Appreciate it! That was quite some time ago…we’ve released a few singles since then — and coming out with a new one in a little over a month. Thank you for the support!!

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