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  1. You’re exactly why I loved every second of the Bills scoring a touchdown on every single drive in our playoff game last year. Every drive. Just pure domination. I hope you turned it off, too, because you clearly have no idea how to earn anything.

  2. I think Mac rails so hard on Kyrgios because he just sees the worst things about himself in Kyrgios. He’s 25% yelling at Kyrgios and 75% at himself.

  3. I think Max said it best when he explained that above all else the most important thing to him was winning, and the frustrating thing about Nick is that’s not always the case.

  4. In a post “movie subscription model” world i definitely think we need tor reassess how we approach trailers - I used to go to the movies 5-6 times a year, because of cost - and now go every weekend, so I see a lot of things that before I’d never have considered.

  5. …just show up as the trailers are ending? with assigned seating i literally do this every time.

  6. I do research on a river with a sizable dam on it. This is a fact of all dams-- they fill in the waters upstream-- but it's not always worth managing. In many cases, like mine, the reservoir behind the dam is dredged, so they go in with a boat and/or other machinery and painstakingly scoop out the material and deposit it elsewhere.

  7. It boggles the mind my guy. Like there's a reason you run the same shit all the time during the game, cause you've practiced it. Why you trying stuff you haven't been practicing when it matters the most

  8. McDermott practices the shit out of the prevent defense. The argument against it is that it’s illogical against quick offenses.

  9. It's possible they have some other irons in the fire.

  10. oh yes both administrations are so very smart and think so far ahead. they’re so efficient in the way that they’ve set up the country to be in the best shape it’s ever been…

  11. I cant believe she is that old, she looks 85-90

  12. Carb is gonna have to be ritually sacrificed to end that curse.

  13. It's not crazy to argue that Colorado has 2 of the best 4 players in the league, and McKinnon is 4th.

  14. I would take Makar over McDavid. It’s extremely close, but I would do it.

  15. Well maybe next time don’t start with personal insults, it undercuts basically anything else you have to say.

  16. I was all for ditching Ben Roethlisberger in 2010 or whenever that was, but one of the women making allegations against Roethlisberger was, if I'm allowed to choose my own verbs, basically stalking him, according to her friend, and was trying to make a Roethlisbaby.

  17. Call it last minute if you want, but that wasn't the first time that specific bill was put forward. It's failed every time (there have been multiple attempts over the years.)

  18. Strangely never once when they had a super majority. Isn’t that weird.

  19. They never had 60 pro-choice senate votes. Pretty weird you pretend that isn’t the truth.

  20. They literally sat on their hands. They easily could have wrangled the final votes. That’s how congress works. You start to work with the few on the fence and make deals. They were very very close during that period.

  21. Dude it has a spinning fucking hard drive, it’s fucking RGB, it’s lower resolution, and there’s no fucking way it’s anywhere close to 20 hours battery.

  22. Federer got bounced in the 1R three of his first four attempts at Wimbledon, his final loss coming to a qualifier in straight sets.

  23. Can we stop comparing this kid to Federer and Nadal and the likes before he even makes a grand slam semi-final?

  24. I’m just saying that tennis ascension doesn’t necessarily happen slowly. You can go from a 1R exit to champion the next year. It’s quite rare to have guys like Chang and Rafa and Raducanu who win one in the first go.

  25. I know what you’re saying and in theory it’s a tremendous point to make, especially to remind everyone about the patience required. At the same time, Federer is a top 3 all-time player and we probably shouldn’t just assume Carlos will just figure out grass to the same degree as the greatest player ever on that surface.

  26. As a casual tennis viewer, this kind of thing really puts me off.

  27. I mean it went on too long, but I love when tennis players have personalities. Even if he’s being a brat, it helps me root for the opponent. The story lines and personalities are what make tennis so exciting for me.

  28. How are you so misinformed about autism? Are you from the 1940’s or something? It’s genuinely worrisome.

  29. lol richlite is pretty neat stuff though! Paper pulp and phenolic resin, based on the spec sheets its lighter than aluminum and more durable while costing less. Its also naturally grippy!

  30. Medvedev is such an unlikable brat. I'm really puzzled about why this guy is so much more popular than Tsitsipas around here.

  31. Medvedev “gets it” and is genuinely funny. He definitely gets lost in the moment sometimes, but I’m willing to overlook it because more often he has a humorous take on something.

  32. The thing I love about Quinn’s shooting is that he doesn’t even necessarily have a quick release — he just has tremendous instincts for when to shoot, and does it comfortably at full speed. He has a real goal scorers mentality, and we desperately need that.

  33. Aw coyote did the play stance. I don't know what upturned badger tails mean but it makes me think 'content' even if it's just how it walks.

  34. Also the Coyote turns his back on the badger which is the ultimate sign of trust.

  35. i can’t believe how long that guy has been making videos without improving even a little.

  36. I think the most important thing for you to do is focus on therapy and work on solid coping skills so that your mother does not continue to derail your life. I think the way you’ve handled her emotional outbursts via texts has been great, and it looks like you’re well on your way to accepting and understanding that just because she is your mother, you do not owe her anything.

  37. I wonder who said "Stop pointing at the cameras". Kinda sounded like Messier. Like maybe he was like, "Stop telling me which camera to look at... I'm going to look at whichever one I want."

  38. All I know is Messier looks rattled out there. Clearly out of his comfort zone.

  39. I don’t know, but I assume Messier is guilty of that. Dude seems overwhelmed on camera.

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