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  1. They won’t look like European jerseys. For the sake of the euro teams are not owned by rich billionaires. Yet only supported by sponsors.

  2. How long have the NBA had the little advertising logo on the side. I wouldn’t see the NHL moving quick to spam more on it. Right ?

  3. I’d love to know what runs through the mind of someone that would love to see Larkin be traded ?

  4. I really don’t see what the big deal is. It’s a business. Businesses need money.

  5. Honestly integrated really well I'd have to be specifically looking for it to really notice. Maybe I'm just conditioned that way from soccer, NBA jerseys tho

  6. I think it’ll be one of those things you might glance at it once or twice. But other than that you’ll probably miss it and not really notice it.

  7. As another tidbit, his middle name is also Ivan. His parents named him Ivan Ivan Ivan.

  8. I couldn’t care less for Erne honestly surprised he still has a spot IMO

  9. I think that’s a little steep. Just a little bit. I feel like $8-8.5M is what we’ll see.

  10. Firstly welcome to the redwings family…….

  11. Love it extra thick on toast or if I’m having lime saladas or something like that

  12. I upgraded to a 512 GB SSD with M.2 for like 45 € on a Mac Mini 2014. It was an extreme change in speed and usability.

  13. I brought a second hand Mac mini 2014 a few months ago.

  14. Where did you get the black ice from? I've always wanted one of those

  15. Another collector friend of mine was reducing his numbers in his collection.

  16. Another collector friend of mine is clearing some jerseys from his collection

  17. Don't tease me like that my guy...

  18. I’ll check back once received

  19. NAM. Has an array of under / overpasses.

  20. NAM is the best thing ever also the little tower that gives you unlimited money

  21. The guy at the snack table eating the snacks

  22. On red and white authority with Craig button.

  23. Those Centennial classics are my favorite too. I have an Abdelkader one and yeah...the color the sparkly fringe on the numbers and alternate patch.

  24. Having roughly 3k to spend over the course of how ever long it took them to acquire these jerseys hardly makes someone rich, gtfoh

  25. This has been maybe 5 years so far so that’s what $600 a year. Not even some years I’ll buy 1 or 2 and another year might be 3-4-5 depends

  26. Little tip and really up to you.

  27. Who needs barn cats when you have barn spiders

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