1. This is the way. Tassie locals who have so much passion for the place and write a fucking good choon.

  2. If you like the style of the tattoo, the artists Insta is @joopac_tattoo. He’s Korean and only in Melbourne til sometime in May.

  3. Hey man, everyone is saying awesome but let me be the one to say, yes, that is truly nuff shit.

  4. Aren’t we all just a little bit nuff? I’m just not afraid to show it.

  5. This is definitely the coolest AFL tattoo I have ever seen

  6. POV: you’re me, a dude who went bald in his mid 20s 😢

  7. I think I drove past one on Ferntree Gully Rd outside the Notting Hill Bunnings yesterday. I was wondering what it was - I thought it was an empty advertising trailer frame at first until I saw the metal arm sticking up with what looked like a small screen at the end.

  8. Everybody should drink a beer with me. Couldn’t give a fuck who you go for as long as you aren’t a complete cunt.

  9. The drive through bottle shop I used to work at was attached to a pub/night club where Neighbours would film all their night club scenes. News outlets used my dash cam footage of me dodging an errant child all over the news for a day.

  10. I’m disappointed my partner doesn’t follow footy at all. Her mum’s a diehard Swans supporter, but she couldn’t give a fuck about it.

  11. I see there’s a lot of negativity popping up here, so I thought I’d address some of it. First, this is Dudley and he’s a staffy.

  12. This vine has been pushing through my fence and twisting its way around everything. I think I’m fighting a losing battle with this, but any suggestions on how to stop it?

  13. Don you do the sneezes with the sharp intake s if breath before it happens.

  14. Oh it can be super subtle and he just knows. Sometimes I feel like he knows it’s coming before I do.

  15. Dogs sneeze when playing, to say theyvarent hurting each other, could he be reading your sneeze as play or is he upset by it.

  16. It’s definitely a negative reaction, like he’s panicked by it.

  17. I remember seeing this video a while back and it’s worse than it looks. The cat been de-clawed and left outside, leaving it with no real defence or ability to get away. Cruel and irresponsible owners.

  18. I’m in Melbourne, Australia and found this little (I’m assuming) lady hanging out with her eggs in my backyard.

  19. I thought by the end there may have been threecans.

  20. I actually hit and killed a kid that ran in front of me like that. I ended up having to sue her parents to get them to pay the deductible from my insurance. They should be thankful I did not go after them for the whole amount.

  21. Fuck, that’s a horrible situation. How long did it take you to get back behind the wheel again after that?

  22. Right away, it was not my fault. I was more pissed over my car than the kid. Why should it bother me?

  23. Ok, that response went differently than I expected. You genuinely had zero care that a kid died just cos you weren’t at fault in the accident?

  24. Hope they gave you credit at least - and I hope you’re doing ok today. A near miss like that can take time to sink in.

  25. Nah of course they didn’t. Gonna harass them about it

  26. If they have used it on their Youtube or Facebook:

  27. Next time watermark all your content with "Fuck Murdoch"

  28. This reminds me of another example of drivers completely ignoring the road rules - the Montague St Bridge in Melbourne. Monty is constantly taking down trucks despite the huge number of signs warning of low clearance and for trucks to detour around it.

  29. One of my favourite stories of all time was the first time I saw this car. My partner and I were walking through the underground car park at Chadstone. In the distance I hear that distinctive bouncy synth bassline, followed by the “dunun dada” guitar riff filling the echoey concrete maze. Like a phoenix from the ashes, this beast slowly rolls past, blaring the glorious lyrics “I’M ON A HIIIIGHWAAAY TOOO THE DANGERZONE”.

  30. Oh god, I'd love to see that car for reals.

  31. Just hang out in the South Eastern suburbs near the Nepean and it will appear like an oasis one day.

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