Real Dinos Had Feathers, Me, 4 color screenprint, 2022

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  1. This is controversial but I feel like the only show I ever watched that had a “clips episode” that was actually funny and well put together was Malcolm in the Middle.

  2. A generation of princesses programmed by social media and Netflix, a year ago there was a big popular series glorifying female cheating as "empowerment".

  3. Judging by this comment and your post history you seem to really have a problem with women. Yikes

  4. Doja Cat. Everyone thinks she’s so funny and quirky and she’s “just like one of us!” and she just bugs me. I hate seeing her content come up online.

  5. Um…. No they don’t. Literal toddlers do not do that. It’s a telltale sign of abuse if they start to engage in behavior like that, at that age.

  6. I feel like this comment is really underrated and I want you to know I appreciate you for it.

  7. Every year I throw away the JTS paperwork I receive (until right this second I thought it was junk mail) and have been paying my local taxes online through Keystone Collects. am I.. good?? is this ok??

  8. I saw a post on Facebook (may or may not be true) about how the owner allegedly gave them a few days notice before closing the store and apparently he had a bunch of shady business dealings. Again, that might be false, but it’s still kind of crazy how suddenly it “went out of business” when it was always so busy every time I went there.

  9. Me watching the first pop: there can’t possibly be any more in there After watching the next squeeze: HOLY SHIT

  10. The job posting they put up on Facebook says they’ve “limited who can comment on this post”. Funny how it’s literally the only post on their page that says that.

  11. I didn't like Paint with Diamonds. It's Ali Express quality at DAC prices. I like Ali Express just as much as DAC but I don't want to pay DAC prices there.

  12. See I always order from PWD and have had nothing but good experiences. I have a very large custom order I’m working on right now and it’s turning out great.

  13. The only other AC game (besides NH) I played was the GameCube version and I enjoy the GC version better.

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