1. I read a lot about roids now and plan to do my first cycle. My only question = Is there a chance that I can‘t do kids anymore after my cycle?, how big is the chance? Any studys?

  2. Do you still wear contact lenses? I got the same symptoms for like half a year, and I wear contacts for like 8/9 months, I’m thinking about just going back to glasses

  3. Come on I can’t be the only one that instantly thought about Texas ??

  4. Don’t need nothing, only need to do what feels right to you.

  5. Third Aeon is here since like a hundred years

  6. Testo E (U-Lab) expired last year December. Can I still go for an cycle ?

  7. Yes. Take the lab name out of this if that’s what that is

  8. U lab means underground Lab. Not the actual name of the Lab

  9. u lab testo-e expired last december still usable?

  10. First cycle. 50mg e3d. Planning for 12 weeks. Do i need pct?

  11. Thats much, in Germany depends on propionat or enathat. Prop is around 35€ 10ml x 100mg enathat about 50€ 10ml x250mg

  12. Bro kann dir keine dm schicken kannst du mir mal schreiben wegen test

  13. for someone with bad English, is this guy claiming that Horus is above Zeus and Saturn and has more power ?

  14. Because you are doing it wrong. Do you have a vocal coach?

  15. Nope I Live in a small ass village :(

  16. Do you want vocal fry to add texture to your voice or do you want to use a deeper voice and it results in you vocal frying?

  17. It’s the second one but actually I want the first one. I want to add texture to my higher octave so it doesn’t sound thin.

  18. You'd need to use a different microphone if you want your audio to be raw (no EQ) like that.

  19. Im talking about my voice in person when I’m talking, no recording

  20. If I'm understanding you correctly, the answer is years and years of practice. Or -- just accept the way that you talk and work with it.

  21. What would be a great excercise to start? Thanks

  22. L to me.. la flame had harder stuff fasho. also a lotta people said it was lame in rl

  23. if you believe in supernatural spirituality you‘re not an atheist. atheists don’t believe in any power of the universe. you see there is a power that you can‘t quite explain right now, but you know there is something else than you & just your mind.

  24. Damnnn I‘ve been doing this with open eyes since I was a kid for like 1/2 minutes and it always felt so relaxing 😂 didn’t know that counts as meditation! Thank you so much, this was the information I really needed, since I’ve been fighting with my racing mind :D

  25. Haven’t had any in 25 years how is it these days?

  26. Way stronger than it was way back then, my og‘s told me back then they was poppin 3/4 Rolex’s in a night, nowadays 1/2 or 1 is already good for a great night

  27. What does that mean for somebody that already is been going through Saturn retrograde ?

  28. Also curious that when broken down balenciaga is very close to BAAL enci aga or Baal is ruler/king

  29. Depends really on the used ingredients and stuff. Using it might result in itchy skin/ skin irritation. But I think if it still smells, it’s alright.. lmk when u use it

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