1. Roselia is my queen, i played an entire gen 3 game just using them and no one else lol

  2. Period cup & BC to help me visually see when my period will start

  3. Pete would get stoned in the bathroom then watch Disney movies & make snacks for the kids.

  4. the ship that takes us to orbis then a fucking jr barlog spawns en route to orbis, all of us newbies would hide inside the ship while the chads go fight them outside lol

  5. Yes! I hate showering at night bc I sweat and then I just have to shower again in the AM. But also if my sheets are clean I will shower before bed

  6. My hubby and I are going to hire a house manager & cleaning lady as soon as we can afford it. We both have ADHD & work full time so its a struggle even feeding ourselves after a long day. But we do our best.

  7. Get a different dr, she is using her personal biases for medical practice.

  8. Aemond is Daemon without charisma, swagger or compassion, he's just a dork that tries too hard because he was bullied and got disfigured as a kid so he wants to go all school shooter on everyone. I think Aemond sees everything he wishes he was in Daemond, a Targaryen purist and irreverent war hero and Daemond sees Aemond as a mockery of himself that was raised in the hightower court and knows nothing of Targaryen customs. No matter what either of his nephews look like Daemon will always see Otto Hightower sneering at him in their faces.

  9. I agree, whole heartedly. Idk why you are being dv

  10. I got super lucky with a3 at 120 pulls, but now i kinda want to A6. Lol rip lunch money this month

  11. I am also a healer and I have been waiting for. Cobalt to replace King for me!!

  12. Gives a whole new meaning to “carry plz”

  13. I think they have all these “businesses” so that they can (maybe pull out business loans) fail, and then they get a write off on taxes for the business losses.

  14. It gets better! I’m 99% alch free except for special occasions & it has helped me with mental health, physical health, skin, energy.

  15. Wait this looks amazing gonna make this when i get home

  16. A braincell dies every time I hear something like "fruits are bad for you because of all the sugar in them". Ffs at one point they're gonna claim that water is poisonous or some shit

  17. I mean 100% of people who drink water die, sooooo /j

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