1. any turd can be polished as long as it's a good song, even if it means re-recording everything

  2. I have a ton of experience with a lot of different genres/styles and can work within almost any budget, you can check out more info about me and my work at alyxgonzales.com

  3. Antares has been pulling some bullshit on their costumers lately, I own Auto-Tune Pro 9 and now they want $170 to update to X if I want native Silicon support, otherwise the update is strictly just a an ugly new GUI with a couple new GUI features it should have had ages ago

  4. Mono mixing is not the same as mixing in speakers or listening in the car, but if you’re mixing with headphones alone then it can show you phase problems that would come to light in stereo speakers or in the car due to crosstalk between speakers, so it is very important to check your mix in mono at lest for this reason

  5. damn that really is the cheapest I've seen it, I got essential with nectar 3 when I upgraded from nectar 2 for $99 and then upgraded to editor during the black friday sale for $170

  6. If the issue is just the proximity effect (not mud from the room reflection) then you can simply EQ the mud out

  7. SM58 and whatever budget interface tickles your fancy

  8. Producer, Associated Performer, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocalist, Bass, Electric Guitar: Andrew Watt

  9. If you want to keep giving them money forever because they stop working every other OS update and they hold all their compatibility updates hostages unless you pay for the update plan

  10. What you need is an SM58, I even once recorded with one in the middle of an empty untreated room and then had that song places in tv shows and ads

  11. A friend of mine once said “it’s beautiful in its own right”

  12. I'm a pro but very flexible, DM me with your budget and your demo

  13. If you’re in the US you can join BMI or ASCAP which collect the royalties for you and send you a check every 3 month, BMI is free and I highly recommend it, otherwise which ever country you’re in should have it’s own royalty collection organization that you can join

  14. I have bmi but i mean say they release the song on Spotify with amuse since i use distrokid how would i collect from the streams ?

  15. I haven’t used distrokid but you should have an option to give them your BMI info, some of the production music I make ends up on Spotify and BMI collects those royalties for me

  16. I want this, but come on Korg! Your shitty UI, ported software of some of your digital classics don’t need to run us $300 on sale.

  17. I’m right there with you, been wanting this bundle for a while and have been patiently waiting for a good sale and this sure ain’t it

  18. Also now including Kaoss Pad. That should be interesting too.

  19. I always through the selling point for Kaoss pads was the touch screen, without that it’s just dated digital effects from 15 years ago

  20. What’s wrong with waves? Way better to get that for $30 than the cheapest Antares that’s basically just a toy.

  21. For me it’s the Waves update plan, I own waves tune and waves tune real time and can’t currently use them because I have to pay to update to install them. I have already had to pay multiple times for updates that didn’t add anything other than support for the current OS. I currently refuse to pay for any more waves updates and now I’m also refusing to pay $170 to update to Auto-Tune Pro X from 9 which literally only adds Silicon support and GUI/workflow changes that I couldn’t care less for. I paid $170 to upgrade from Melodyne essential to editor instead for manual tuning and now I’m on the market for an “auto” alternative.

  22. Default copyright law should have you covered, but also it's a must for me to have a contract or invoice in place prior to starting. I only start working once the invoice is paid, which states all the terms for the job and is a legal binding contract. I also use PayPal which has buyer projection so both my clients and I can have a peace of mind going into a project.

  23. I had a peak and an xd for a bit and did quite a bit of comparing

  24. Just my opinion, I would favour Novation's Peak and the bonus is that they are second to none with regards to ongoing support and updates.

  25. Did they ever add a high pass for the noise?

  26. My headphones have noise canceling. Do you know if headphones are better than earplugs for hearing protection?

  27. My apologies, I misunderstood the post, though I have read that some earbuds with transparency mode can be used as earplugs to a certain extent

  28. It depends on the engineer, I like to ask for stems as they were minus any bus processing, and if I need something removed from the stem then I’ll ask for that

  29. I second Genelec 8k series but if possible I would highly recommend saving a bit more and getting the SAM versions (8330, 8340, etc.) and the SAM system, or I’m sure you could find them for your current budget refurb/used/open box

  30. I can only speak for the 8330A, but I have no complaints other than that I sometimes wish I had the 8340A mainly for the higher wattage, going from my LCD-X to the Genelec is very seamless, mixes translate very well from one to the other and that is just money.

  31. though it could be possible that the song was used with the correct permission, I would suggest giving a heads up to the artist whose tune you think was ripped of, I was in a similar position once (though it was just a random person trying to steal my music not knowing how copyright laws work) and I probably would have never known if it wasn't for one of my fans alerting me about it

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