1. I think Gwen snuck out, put on abigail mask with the intent to steal Abigail's life. She put a Gwen mask on Abigail and jabbed her with a dose of that drug she has and made Abigail believe she is Gwen. THe real Gwen then got herself murdered while wearing an Abigail mask and the real Abigail went back to prison with Gwen mask on thinking she is Gwen. 😁

  2. Full Thyroidectomy and neck dissection to remove thyroid cancer. When I first saw the stitches it was alarming because it looked like they sewed my head back on or something, that’s how far the stitches went. A year and two months later it’s a bit smaller but it got keloided or however you say it. Looks like a fat earthworm on my neck. But you know, I don’t mind it so much. At least my trachea isn’t being displaced anymore and I can fricken breath LOL

  3. Quite often. Normally it’s either I decide it might come off as offensive, or I decide “noooope, you know what? Not even going to get involved..” or I realize my little story/experience I’m replying with is probably only interesting to me and am like “meh..nevermind ”

  4. When people use the word “anymore” in any way other than to say something stopped happening. It legitimately was something I had never heard until the last 15 years but people saying things like “things are so expensive anymore!” Or “I’m exercising a lot anymore” it’s considered a positive use of the word, kind of to mean “these days” or “lately” and I guess is technically correct it just sounds so wrong to me.

  5. Corey Feldman This got downvoted a few times. Was it because I don’t care for him NOW, or that I did at one point that got the downvote? 🤣

  6. That can be done anywhere. It’s just sometimes we’ve got bigger assholes.

  7. My mother made me get a Dorothy Hamil haircut when I was in 4th grade. It was a damn bowl cut and I’m a girl and I cried and she got mad because the hair dresser felt bad. Then she dropped me back off at school and the substitute thought I was a boy 😆😆 it was traumatic 🤣

  8. My dad got us into collecting comic books and comic book cards from the early to mid 90s when comic book shops seemed to be big in our area. He was so sure they would be worth money. Not even close.

  9. I love the ones I have, but I acquiesce that funko pops are dumb asf.

  10. I used to collect them and had a ton. Then during a big move all the boxes got smashed and damaged and I hated taking them out of them and couldn’t afford display cases for every single one so I just put them in storage and lose interest in buying them anymore

  11. The crystal storyline is wildly triggering for me and I hope it ends soon. I also, of course, wish crystal strength and healing and that the storyline ends because she gets better 🤍

  12. I found that whole conversation incredibly inappropriate. I don’t know the correct way to encourage someone to get help but it doesn’t seem like it’s gossiping about them at a damn party and sharing details the person might not have wanted everyone to know.

  13. I love it, because Kim is wretched but it’s not hard to see that Kath wasn’t a great mom. Then there’s the constant praising of Sharon but fat shaming Kim 🤣 It’s all great humor

  14. I was fascinated by how Curtis says “Esme”. Then he and Jordan just kept saying her name back and forth for what felt like forever 🤣

  15. And I swear Mac said Rosco instead of Rocco

  16. I literally came here looking because I swear to god that’s what he said LOL

  17. I don’t show anything recorded. Was today not a day it’s on? I’m confused because all the comments make it seem like it was lol

  18. That’s so weird, general hospital recorded hm Guess I’ll have to catch it on nbc.com

  19. I might be missing a lot of convos, but anytime I see that boxing gym backdrop I fast forward until the scene is done. Doesn’t matter who’s in it 🤣

  20. This is definitely an unpopular opinion especially since Sprina fans (Trina fan first here) are loving Spencer's confession and see it as a redemption. I am starting to be more anti Spencer cause he seems to get a pat on the back for things he should have done to help Trina a long time ago. And Rory gets crapped on and called the worse names cause he does his job and told the truth on the stand. I'm not a huge fan, but he's fine as a fling or rebound character for Trina. I thought we wanted better PCPD cops, but I guess not.

  21. I like this actress with Rory and the last Trina actress with Spencer. I agree though, he should have stepped up long ago

  22. I seriously gag everytime it comes on. Unfortunately it seems to always pop up shortly after I’ve eaten 🤣

  23. Omg. I just had a thought. What if this had been at Yolanda's house and it was David Foster playing the piano.... can you imagine how he would have blown up over that little moment? 😳

  24. Which is totally weird because wasn’t Erica introduced as a friend of Yolanda and David’s initially? During the whole “is Yolanda faking her Lyme?” Stuff?

  25. Garcelle’s expressions are absolutely the best thing on this show. She can convey utter disdain with one subtle head tilt and a blink. I love her.

  26. Unlike Kyle’s famous fake mouth hanging open shocked face

  27. Chanel, honey, please don't pick either one of them. They're both terrible choices.

  28. Yes, she needs to choose herself. Even if that means going on a vacation for a few months and leaving someone else in charge of the bakery with Allie.

  29. People can know something, but still need reinforcement to change their behavior and be accountable to themselves. Noom is supposed to help with the behavior change part as opposed to people just going on a diet.

  30. I get what you’re saying and it makes sense BUT the people in the commercials though are acting like they DIDN’T know that and it’s something totally new and shocking and that’s what I’m in particular talking about.

  31. I love the bumble bee shaped woman blaming her ginormous gut on a food pusher. Yeah they really had to hold you down to shove those Doritos in your gaping maw. Every human failing is someone else's fault in this new world.

  32. It drives me nuts, maybe it’s because I know why I’m fat and don’t blame anyone else but myself

  33. As an almost 42 year old woman I kept looking at Esme today thinking damn I need to start working out again. I always thought she looked creepy in her dresses but in Jeans I wish I looked like that 🤣

  34. They just recently changed my thumbnail for dvr recorded episodes from this picture to one of Allie and Johnny talking.

  35. “Hi Princess! Bud! Kitten!……….Margaret”

  36. I get annoyed when Roseanne tricks Jackie into coming over to see Bev, tackles her and tells her to “grow up” yet then proceeds to throw a tantrum when Bev gives Jackie compliments 🤣

  37. I also thought whatever episode it was where Bev was going to buy Darlene a stereo, Roseanne should have let her. Bev is super annoying but Roseanne’s line about she wanted her kids to stay poor kind of sucked. Having one nice gift wasn’t going to spoil them.

  38. I feel bad for saying it, because I will watch just about any episodes that are on, but I think I preferred the seasons before Darlene was depressed.

  39. Only good thing was Freddy Boom Boom Washington but even he couldn’t save it LOL

  40. I think he called her the see you next Tuesday word

  41. Omg I remember him getting her on IPad on that show and she was soooo unimpressed with him for it

  42. Nadia. She kind of acted like a brat about it 🤣 I think she expected something more expensive

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