1. they look like the pre generated characters for fallout new vegas

  2. This is an amazing list but I got a question,Where’s !aikido if I may ask

  3. I guess it wasn't in the tier list and I didn't notice

  4. Makes sense,and that’s probably an accurate placement lol

  5. Man i don’t have one but I just searched up German error message to see if anything came up on Reddit and it’s cool to see someone talking about this! There are cassettes though it looks like still but I don’t think there are any more cds

  6. I managed to snag a cassette the other day actually! I’d still love to find the cd some day but I’m content for now. It also just so happens that out of all of the songs in the playlist Im listening to rn, a song from that album was playing as I got the notif for this

  7. Well that’s still really cool! I’ve been looking at getting the 3rd real ease of haunts cause there’s only 8 left, and that’s a funny coincidence lmao

  8. I didn’t include it because various people I’ve met say it is or isn’t,but in the dmb discography wiki,it isn’t included but on some other sites it is,so I just went with under the table and dreaming to be the first album because that’s what I find to be used as their debut album.

  9. I hate these things cause this is when “those” type of “god tier” fans come out and think their opinion is fact and every one else is stupid. There’s such a condescending tone in these types of arguments for a fan base that claims to be all about “LoVE and family”

  10. I can agree with this,But I like to see people talk about there opinions on albums and what they think,but I think people should be respecting others opinions As well.

  11. Also just give BTCS the win already and vote the rest off in order.

  12. Well I could do that,but I want to see what people think of the other albums as well,maybe even discussions about each album when the time comes as shown above! I think it’s really cool when people get together and discuss what’s good and bad about an album,and to see how each persons Opinions change

  13. For sure! I’m curious to see the order they are ranked at the end.

  14. Not the rules, but just to get it out there… before these crowded streets is their most artist album they have ever done, and imo Big whiskey is their most in your face… everything on that album, especially drums are so fkn’ FAT!

  15. Those 2 are very good albums indeed, maybe one of them will be picked as the winner! Just got to wait and see

  16. The best album is the lillywhite sessions. there, saved you some time!

  17. It is good but from what I know it was never officially released so I didn’t include it

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